Walnut Kitchen Cabinets For a Tiny Home

In as much as you are looking to install as much storage space as you can in your tiny house, you would want to find cabinets that are equally stylish and trendy. In this case choosing walnut cabinets might be the essential element in bringing everything together and turning your kitchen into something you are proud off. Walnut cabinets are all about legacy, history and class.

For example black walnut will introduce a royal look into your kitchen. Brown walnut is also another option that will add a neutral element mixing it with stainless steel and glass will bring out that modern and bright look in your tiny kitchen.

Walnut might be a bit pricey but it will be worth every penny. Despite its vintage look it will blend very well with your style of interior décor.

Benefits of walnut cabinets

Benefits of walnut cabinets
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Walnut is known for its durability and that classic, rich wealthy appearance. It may not be the hardest wood out there but it’s hard enough to withstand regular use, while avoiding common problems and dents that you might experience with common pine wood. It’s also resistant to water so don’t worry about damaging it with water when you are cleaning it.

Walnut is also amongst the most popular and respected woods. It will also be easily incorporated into any style décor that you have going for your tiny kitchen, be it modern, classic or elegant. Its beautiful and stunning look makes it a popular choice for most people particularly black and Persian walnut. The lines, intricate grain patterns and wavy texture make it even looks more appealing.

Walnut is a sturdy wood meaning it will serve you for many years. Walnut is also lightweight which is easy to carry around or cut, which is a problem with other similar materials. The dark warm luxurious look of walnut cabinets means that they don’t need any staining and every kitchen cabinet made from walnut will turn out to be unique in its own way.

Finally it’s 100% natural, therefore you have nothing to worry about the possible negative effects it could have on you and your family.

Buying walnut cabinets

Buying walnut cabinets
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When buying walnut cabinets it’s important to check if you are getting walnut solid wood or walnut veneer. The difference between the two is that solid wood walnut is harder to find and more expensive but it’s also the higher quality if you compare the two. It’s a better durable option as you won’t have to worry about the veneer chipping over time.

Caring for your cabinets

Caring for your cabinets
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Caring for your walnut kitchen cabinet is not difficult. Dust frequently with a rug that has no cleaner on it most of the time. Just wiping the surface with a rug is enough but if you want to use water, it’s okay as water won’t damage the wood. You also don’t need to wax or treat the cabinets with any special product; doing so can damage it or give it a yellow tint over time.

Walnut kitchen cabinets are a stunning and beautiful addition to your tiny home. Any colors you choose you are guaranteed of a stylish and elegant appearance to your kitchen.

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