Rooftop Deck For A Tiny Home: How To Fully Utilize It

The tiny house trend is still rapidly growing all over the world and it’s amazing what some people have managed to design on just a few square feet. Living in a tiny home, you have to come up with ways of maximizing every bit of space available, but still keeping your tiny home looing fabulous and trendy.

One of the biggest ways to expand your tiny home’s space is, living outside it as much as possible. Tiny house rooftop decks are definitely a great way to help you bring your living space outdoors and make your tiny house even feel bigger.

rooftop deck

The unprecedented views you will enjoy make a rooftop deck an enviable feature in a home. When putting together a rooftop deck you would want to consider what you intend to use it for. Here are two purposes you might consider;

  • Lounge area. The most common use for a rooftop deck is lounge space. If this is the type of design you want, be sure to include comfy seating options plus lavish accessories like throw pillows and blankets. In this case a focal point like an eye-catching table will round up your design.
  • Dining space. If you are craving an outdoor dining space your rooftop deck is an ideal place. You may use it for family and friends or even to entertain guests. A simple table and chairs would suffice.

How to fully utilize your rooftop deck

How to fully utilize your rooftop deck
  1. Define the use.

It’s important to know what you intend to use your roof top deck for in order to properly utilize it. As we have discussed earlier if you intend to use it either for a lounge area or dining area make sure you have the necessary accessories so that you don’t end up not utilizing the space to the fullest.

  1. Stay true to your style.

Most people have a style or color scheme that they like. Make sure that you design your rooftop deck to match the rest of your home design. Incorporate your style on the rooftop deck to create a cohesive style from interior to exterior.

  1. Add a covering.

Regardless of how the deck will be used it’s nice to have a covered area to escape the heat of the sun or the rain or to avoid the deck furniture from being destroyed by the elements.

  1. Work with the views.

When you are deciding where to add a covering or where to position your furniture on a rooftop deck consider your natural views. Position your furniture to open up to the best view, and use the coverings to obstruct any undesirable view. If you have an awesome view on both sides then there is no need of the covering.

Having a rooftop deck on your tiny home as we have seen is a good thing because of the added space. In addition to the space you can enjoy intimate moments with family or a loved one while enjoying a spectacular view.

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