Palladium Windows For Your Tiny Home

Palladium Windows

A true palladium window has an arched center sectioned off by shorter rectangular windows on each side. They add architectural interest to almost any space and would be a welcome addition to your tiny home.

A stunning palladium window won’t stick out like a sore thumb if you blend in your interior décor around it. Although the idea of installing the large windows is to let the glass feature stand out and the beauty of the windows, balance is important, to your choice of flattering décor. Consider the size of the window and the room, the color of the room the view you expect from the window, and your personal style, when planning to install a palladium window for your tiny home.

Things you might want to consider when choosing to install the palladium window for your tiny home.

Window size and balance

The palladium windows are often large in size so when you want to install this into your tiny home you will have to put its size into consideration. Though the good thing about the size is that, the large windows will bring in a lot of natural light into your home making the small space feel a bit bigger.

Think about the size of the window and how it will balance in comparison to your size of the room. Also consider how you will structure your décor items around the window for an appealing look. Remember to put everything smaller than the palladium window so that they don’t become “lost” in the design and allure of the window.


Different color hues influence different moods, energy levels and ambiance of a space. The choices of color you choose in your home for décor is a personal choice, but if you need a starting point of the color you want consider what kind of mood or theme you are going after. If you put the palladium window in your bedroom using olive green to color the surrounding wall induces rest and for a more romantic feel you can choose the color purple.

A beautiful view

A beautiful view

Having a palladium window in your tiny home might open up a view to a stunning landscape outside. Especially if your tiny home is in the country side, but if your view is of the neighbor’s scrap metal yard then hang sheers to downplay the sight while still letting in natural light, then create your own scenery. For example paint climbing ivy, sweet peas or clematis up and around the central window’s angles and curves and screw in a weathered picket fence along the length of the wall.

Your home’s personality

You can choose to inject style and character into a room with use of décor. Stay true to your personal style when choosing colors and prints but go along with the palladium’s window curvy attribute to stay cohesive. Choose items that blend effortlessly into your tiny home like shapely wing back chairs or a rounded back sofa. Toss in some rounded throw pillows over the sofas.

Choose curtains with polka dots, bubbles or romantic swirls in their print. Frame the window by running extravagant molding around the framing of the wall. You will create an elegant and beautiful space.

Palladium windows are a bold choice for tiny homes but with a little bit of creativity it can be an excellent addition to your tiny home décor.

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