3 Reasons To Choose French Doors For Your Tiny Home

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When building your tiny home you have to make considerations for the type of door you will install. Dealing with such a small square footage, your choice will weigh heavily on the need to choose a door that will save on space. Another significant aspect of the front door is its aesthetic, because of the less space your dealing with the front door will determine how your tiny home’s overall appearance will be like. Given the interior of most tiny homes, the front door works as the fourth wall and can be used to fit both function and design. With that in mind then installing these doors to your tiny home will be an awesome choice.

French doors have long been a way to add an aesthetic value to your home and in recent years their popularity has steadily made a comeback. These doors are known in France as porte-fenetre which means ‘window doors’. They date back as early as the 17th century. Back then, there was no difference between French doors and French windows like today. French doors placed emphasis on symmetrical designs and large glass panels. Because invention of the electric light hadn’t been discovered most home owners then wanted to maximize on indoor natural lighting.

Today’s French doors are known for their hinged, two-sash design, which are traditionally made with wrought iron and wood. Wrought iron adds structural strength as it tends to be heavier. Unlike entry doors, these doors have bigger glass areas which allows for more natural light to stream in and helps give your indoor and outdoor spaces a unified, continuous look.

Benefits of installing French doors in your tiny home

Benefits of installing French doors in your tiny home
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French doors are a beautiful addition to your tiny home and they will add value as well as providing a host of other benefits. Read on to find out more.

  • Secure

It’s the assumption that when you add French doors to your home, you reduce the security to your home. However this is not the case. You can have your doors customized with security locks built in and fully adjustable hinge system for ultimate security.

  • Natural light

French doors will also serve as windows to your tiny home allowing for more light to stream in from outside. French doors will instantly change the overall atmosphere in your tiny home. And when the weather is warm, you can simply open the doors to expand your living space and opening out to your backyard as well as allowing fresh air to circulate your tiny home.

  • Durability

Just because the French doors are made of glass does not mean they are not durable. The improved durability of these doors over the years means they are viable security doors, while their ever expanding design options effectively serve homeowners seeking style and comfort.


For added security and durability you can opt to install doors with high-protection grade glass.

Many homeowners are opting to install French doors and with good reason. These doors are a beautiful addition to your tiny home. You will be surprised how much difference a single installation will bring to your tiny home. Go ahead and try!

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