Roofing Colors And Why They Matter

Most homeowners don’t place a lot of attention to the aesthetics of the roof on their house. Their primary focus is that it has integrity and is a sound construction. Otherwise, no one in the home genuinely pays much attention to it each day. But what homeowners are beginning to realize is the roof plays a large role in the overall curb appeal for the house.

Today, there are a multitude of roofing options offered in color choices. Some people make the mistake of just choosing randomly without putting much thought into how it goes with the rest of the home.

roofing colors

That’s a mistake when the roof could actually make a statement in combination with the appeal of the rest of the house. If the color throws off the architectural balance or contrasts with the home’s overall tone, the street view will be unattractive.

In some cases, there are requirements set by a neighborhood association that will warrant penalties and fines if your home doesn’t comply with the scheme for the community. There’s a lot to think about when it comes time to put a roof on your home aside from mere functionality.

Choosing The Right Color Roof Makes A Difference

Most people feel the roof solely serves as a vital functional component of the home. While the structure protects a homeowner and the family from the weather, pests, and other dangers, that’s not the sole purpose.

There are factors to consider when choosing a roof aside from practical purposes, but more cosmetically. How the structure looks from the curb can prove essential to the neighborhood, especially if there are restrictions with a community association. You also want your home to be appealing from the street view, blending with the house aesthetics and overall architecture seamlessly. Some reasons the right color for your roof should play a part when making your selection of materials:

Curb Appeal

roofing colors

The roofing of a house makes up a vast majority of the exterior space, being responsible for the overall aesthetic. The outside of the home makes the first impression on people visiting, potential buyers, or the neighborhood as a whole.

When placing a roof, you have the potential to add significant resale value based on the durability, type of materials, and coloring. The wrong shade has the likelihood of decreasing this value, especially when it detracts from the home’s style and the rest of the colors.

Colors Have The Ability To Affect Moods

roofing colors

It is well-known that each shade has a different effect on the human mood. These can elicit feelings of calm, excitation, happiness, relaxation, and so much more. Even though you might not realize it, the roof will appear to you first thing when you come home each day.

Although you might believe that it blends into the background, the right tone can prove inviting, warm, and invoke a comforting sensation, instead of a standard color that could produce a bleak feeling.

There Can Be An Effect On The Temperature Inside The House

roofing colors

The hue of the structure can affect the temperature inside the house. It’s not a well-known fact, but, indeed, a house’s temperature can either increase or decrease with the sun reflecting off of the roof. Because of the temperature change, you can perhaps save money on your energy bill.

How Roof Color Affect Temperature In the Home

roofing colors

Choosing a shade for the roof is more than merely a cosmetic decision. There is also the potential for you to save money on energy bills with the correct choice. Based on the hue, the internal temperature will either rise or fall, keeping the heating and air conditioning working more efficiently.

The right choice will either reflect or absorb the heat. Generally, a lighter option will reflect the sun’s rays allowing a cool interior by a few degrees, so the air conditioning isn’t working as hard. A more efficient air conditioner saves on energy costs.

Darker roofs absorb heat, increasing the warmth on the interior of the home by a few degrees. It makes the cooling system compensate for the higher temperature, increasing the energy costs.

But this is during the summer. The opposite is generally true in the winter when using the heating system. If you live in a warmer climate, you’ll opt for a lighter roof, and for those whose region is typically cooler, you’ll go for a darker structure.

How To Choose The Right Color For Your Home

roofing colors

It can prove a daunting task selecting the appropriate shade for your home when you have so many factors to consider. Many homeowners give up and opt for a standard color when the decision becomes overwhelming. But you don’t have to take the brunt of the decision yourself.

There are plenty of experts in the market who can help with the style, materials, and even the hue that would work the best for your specific home. Consult with a roofing professional like to help you with any roofing questions you might have. Also, check magazines and websites for aesthetics similar to yours to help with color choices that work with the home’s tone and your architectural style.

Final Thought

Putting a new roof on your home is stressful. The structure needs to be sound and functional more so than anything else. But once you have an appropriate handle on that, you need to ensure that the materials are aesthetically pleasing in form and color.

These things are essential not only for curb appeal but in some instances, as a way to meet neighborhood association requirements. It can also prove beneficial for energy costs depending on the hue for which you opt.

No one pays much attention to the roofing of the home. It is, though, the primary exterior feature, responsible for giving that first impression to those who pass by. You want to make a good one.

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