large windows in Venice, California House

Vienna Way Residence, Integrating the home with the California native landscape


Venice, California House

Venice, California House
Venice, California House

large windows in Venice, California Houselarge windows in Venice, California House

Designed by Marmol Radziner for a Family, Vienna Way Residence is located in Venice, California. The floor and ceiling glass connects to the outdoor event space, blending the home with the California native landscape.

The contrast between the bright white, the peaceful gray and the unexpected black is the key to the design of this house.

The dark wall is perfect with modern ware. And the black compartment of the cabinet perfectly combines with the gray and natural ambiance.


Two main spaces, anchored to the boundary of the property, divide the land into three-thirds, with a hollow kitchen in the middle to bridge it. The central pool in the outdoor courtyard visually unifies the architectural form.

As a hub for the home, the kitchen connects the public and private wings of the house, with an open view of the pool, side, and backyard. Velvet furniture, wood-covered ceilings, and flat floor plans add just the right flavor to the 70s!

Dining Area

When the house has a small area, the need for breakfast corners is still implementing to increase the cohesion among family members. So, choose a small corner that is enough to place tables and chairs for two people.

Looking at the breakfast corners designed simple but extremely delicate, surely everyone wants that. No matter how small our house is, it is indispensable to have a breakfast corner. Every day you wake up, you will sit in this small corner to enjoy a coffee.

Enjoy a simple breakfast and have a little chat with people. Simple life always brings sweet and unexpected happiness to you.


Vienna Way wood furnitureVienna Way wood furnitureVienna Way wood furnitureVienna Way wood furniture

The wooden finish of the house expressively emphasizes the absolutely gray walls. The space decorated with patterned plates emphasizes the cozy character of the tree.

The useful area of the gray-white bathroom is face with wooden panels and dilute with textile elements. Giving it a special charm and elegance in combination with a unframed mirror and additional lighting.


A clear separation of white and gray shades allows you to create a minimalist vibrant. A pair of wood accents (shelf and cabinet). Complemented by a pendant lamp in gold tones, logically balance the design that is simple at first glance.


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