luxurious Gym Interior

Equinox St. James, The most luxurious Gym Ever designed

No one has ever designed a gym like this before! The new project, formerly an old bank, transforming into one of London’s most fashionable fitness clubs. Joyce’s design has given this gym a new sensory experience and an epic journey.

Luxurious Gym

luxurious Gym Interior luxurious Gym Interior luxurious Gym Interior

Comparing with the thousands of uniform gymnasiums, Joyce brings people the collision between classical and modern, the conflict between new and old, the combination of sensibility and rationality. The interior of the gym is provocative and bold, with serpentine lines flowing in space, in stark contrast to the original conservative buildings.

MarbIe interior

In a marble-covered interior, Joyce creates a metal sandwich above the main fitness field, and the Pilates studio is on the top of the attic with a dramatic view. The rest of the space runs through retail showrooms, island lounges, work stalls, and juice bars.

Wood Element

Go down the stairs and bypass the corners. You can see the warm wood and the cool black slate, relax and enjoy a physical and spiritual journey. Which gave us a more luxurious and higher-end fitness experience.

Classie Gym

She always thinks that they have the privilege of experimenting with new technologies, whether in materials, types or aesthetics. classic quality must be combined with luxury. They always put Attention on things that people can come into immediately, such as leather chairs and door handles. It is worthwhile to spend the cost of getting what people get.

Complex Project

luxurious marble Interior Luxurious chandeliers luxurious marble Interior luxurious marble Interior

wood element
Glamour Interior
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180120 12StJamessSt4166 F 1800×2329 Result

Although it took only several months from design concept to completion. Joyce said that most of the furniture and accessories were a custom order for the project and spiral staircases. Almost everything except the light bulb is custom made. They work closely with producers and lighting consultants. To know how to use very complex shapes and let power run through them.

Recognizing the style

Joyce doesn’t like to put a specific label on her design style. And she doesn’t even want her work to be recognize easily at a glance. But the strong industrial sense and architectural beauty, as well as the combination of various material elements.

As a result, Let her The work has a high degree of recognition.


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