Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence (3)

High-end interior Design In Austin Residence by Kelly Wearstler

Kelly combines the original and refined iconic style with stunning colors. And seamlessly blends furniture from different periods under the same roof. It’s so beautiful to put things together in different periods. So, This is the inspiration tray that carries all the elements to use in this design. And compare and recombine to create new designs.


Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence (1)
Kelly Wearstler, Austin Residence

The design Inspiration came from the insights of global travel and the details of daily life, constantly enriching visual resources and keeping in touch with new things, is the key to inspiration.

Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence (2)
Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence

The main key of this design is to put two important elements of “human” and “nature” into the design. Glamorous and sexy things, not everyone love, but the designer really like the ‘tightness’ relationship between original and refined.

Historical Value

Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence (3)
Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence

In this design, you can see different historical, cultural and human elements, which is related to an antique dealer. In this design, the natural marble is rich in texture and unique color, bringing a luxurious and tough style to the home.

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Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence

Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence (5)Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence (6)

So, the designer uses a lot of natural stone, obviously lacking design fear! Every space The designer designs is highly dramatic, blurring the boundaries of home interior design

The designer has designed a lot of home accessories and furniture related to the “human body”, and blended with metal elements to bring people a diverse experience. The designer knows how to combine elegant neutral style with rich metal details to create a relaxed and bold atmosphere.

The Location is in one of Austin’s few high-rise buildings, Austin Residence offers a stunning view of the skyline, and Kelly opens up almost all of the non-load-bearing walls. Creating an open, bright space with large floor-to-ceiling windows.


Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence (7)Kelly Wearstler Austin Residence (8)

The combination of dynamic metal, leather, silk, parchment and other handmade elements, luxurious details, elegant art, and avant-garde aesthetics commemorate this colorful and expressive home.

Kelly believes that chaos is a bit rude in home decoration. “She always used design as a sculpture, playing with materials, scales, and sizes to create different scenes. She hopes to tell different stories through the design.


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