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Francisco Costa’s home in Long Island decorated by Mark Cunningham

Francisco Costa’s home in Long Island and the designer is Mark Cunningham. The designer of this house has the same purity of lines that the Calvin Klein stylist is known for. Giving the house a relaxing climate without the glows and overwhelming colors, normal in the middle of fashion houses.

I love solariums, and this makes me feels amazing with the landscape. that is totally integrating into space and help me to decide that is exactly what I am going to do here in the house, to glaze my pergola.

and decorated its airy spaces with a colorful mix of art and antiques in an urban and relaxing atmosphere.


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Mark Cunningham (3)

A careful selection of fabrics, hanging, lamps, decorative objects and furniture, which combines the classic with contemporary touches, is the interior design proposal of this manner.

From the hall, you can see how the living room and dining room are conceived. Both enjoy large windows and view over the city.

Setting a new home was not an easy task for them. They wanted to reuse their old classic style furniture and give them a more modern look.

They needed to adapt to the furniture they had to the new spaces and decorate them, mainly by using fabrics, lamps, and wallpaper. Among the main attributes of the apartment are the natural light and the spectacular view that the social area has over the city, thanks to the floor to ceiling windows.

Fit interior design


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For the family being, a chromatic palette was chosen that has gray and white as protagonists. This is not surprising: our comfort is closely related to modern technologies. And its harmonious and competent introduction to the established style is true art! But, how interesting … Bedroom interior of this type will last a long time!

The principle

simple, colors in the classic interior are in fact full of subtle nuances. Just remember that it’s about tones and halftones, and not neon-saturated colors!

Therefore, bedroom design in classic style is exquisite unity of traditions and modernity.

The principle of choosing colors does not change. They look like noble tones in murals (perhaps a bit discolored). Classic bedroom design allows the use of real antique furniture in classic style.

However, perhaps it will require complete restoration: in contrast to chic elegance, classicism rejects aesthetics of wear. Attribute required for a classic bedroom is a bedside table. All modern technology can be hidden, and even better, stylized as classicism.


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