Modern Sydney Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms have evolved from being a utility to being a recharge hub or a relaxation haven. Creative people took it into their own hands to create a place in their home, which is perfect for wellbeing. There are a few trends that reduce visual clutter, and they are easy to maintain, which takes care of the cleaning issue.

But seeing that many of the elements inside the room are straight and look hard, you can try to avoid the clinical feel by giving the place a soft feel, which will look more welcoming and it will add more texture and elegance. You’ll make this place a feel-good area, and that will make your baths feel like an escape.

Modern Sydney Bathroom Design Ideas

The Best Colors

Many old houses and apartment designs leave out the color of the bathroom. Now, people are becoming brave, and they want to embrace different shades and colored ceramic. This trend is on the rise, and it’s making a massive comeback.

You can get some floor tiles that will seamlessly match your shower trays. There’s also a rise in all black taps that combine perfectly with glossy black pans. Monochromatic tones are great, and they give off a soft vibe with cool matt surfaces.

To elevate the colors and add a bit of pizzaz, you can combine wood elements and pebbles to mimic a Scandinavian or Japanese style. Make sure that the colors flow nicely together and keep a neutral base. This might mean adding some blue or green that will give you way more fun than plain minimalism.

Modern Sydney Bathroom Design Ideas

A few years ago, there was quite a demand for a neutral blush pink that still hold their ground. That’s a perfect option for a base because it feels soothing, and it calms you down at the same time. When you pair pink with blue or a shade of red, this can make waking up feel like you’re still in dreamworld.

If you aren’t a morning person, you can switch it up and add some grey to give you the end of the day that you’ve always desired. Since grey can be combined with anything, you can play with it as much as you want.

There are millions of texture variations, as well as tonal shades that will elevate the entire setting to a higher level. You can click here to find out more. Finally, if you’re going to mute down the undertone as the whole, you can add wood or slate for maximum effect.

The Best Fittings

Modern Sydney Bathroom Design Ideas

Renovating is always expensive. When you settle on a design, you need to make sure it stands the test of time. One of the best things to invest in early-on is water saving technology. This, along with some high-tech showers and mood-enhancing lighting will be one of the best choices you ever make.

The entire tone of the bathroom needs to feel calm. The best way to achieve this is to find a shower tray that seamlessly blends in with the floor. If a bathtub is more your type, then look for a simple and solid surface. Additionally, in-tank toilets and concealed cisterns will give you softer lines, that mimic organic curves and shapes.

This means that circular mirrors and rounded taps will be even more wanted in the future. Finally, if you want to add marble, but you feel like it’s too expensive, you can experiment more with the patterns and the colors. Add another luxury stone and make it be your statement piece. That will be distinctive and set you apart.

Modern Sydney Bathroom Design Ideas

The Best Tiles

The tile choice will make or break everything. It’s the most exciting part of renovation because there are so many different options to choose from. Sometimes, a big choice is the same as having no choice. You might be set on a practical space that will make starting your day wonderful, but at the same time, you might want to get a spa-like retreat.

We all know that colors have a massive effect on our mood. Bright and vivid colors leave an impact. They can raise your energy levels and keep you productive. On the other hand, subdued shades are always a safe option because they relax your eyes. If you have a vision, you can go online and look for examples and try to use software to see how it will look in your space.

Modern Sydney Bathroom Design Ideas

Since 2020 was a year where everyone stayed home, you might want to be bold in your choice and make an exciting change to put an unusual texture. We take most of our inspiration from nature, and you can try woven finishes or surfaces that have a concrete effect.

What If You’re Low On Space?

If you have a small bathroom, then you probably wish that you had a bigger one. However, that’s not a reason why you shouldn’t be trendy and bold. A small place gives depth, and that won’t be so hard on your wallet. It wouldn’t be wise to put mosaics in such a small space.

Instead, look for something that gives the illusion of a bigger area. Limestone and marble are great choices that won’t be so obvious as soon as you walk in. Eco-friendly options such as porcelain and ceramic work amazing, plus they’re one of the cheapest materials.

You can go crazy and change it up again if you change your mind. When it comes to the floor, it’s best not to overcrowd it. A plain scheme or a simple textured tile will suffice. You don’t need to worry about matching the wall.

Modern Sydney Bathroom Design Ideas

But it would still be best if you tried to make the range of color minimal since that’s how you create a rugged look. Put some accent on the lighting, and that will trick the eyes into focusing on a particular piece that you’re proud of.

You can make the illusion of space by focusing the vision on the longest dimension and diagonals. Go for curved edges because that will give the sense of a seamless finish, as opposed to a grid appearance.

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