modern hongkong mansion with classic brazilian architecture

Deep Water Bay Hong Kong mansion, Modern style combined with the Brazilian Medieval Interior

A brilliant architect from Hong Kong has been successfully creating a fresh and interesting interior for this home. Cited the classic Brazilian design combined with medieval interior overcome the best ambiance for this mansion.

modern hongkong mansion with classic brazilian architecture modern hongkong mansion with classic brazilian architecture modern hongkong mansion with classic brazilian architecture

The modern architecture of Brazil was an artistic culture, which occurred in the period 1930-1960. Receive the direct influence of the modern European movement, in particular, Le Corbusier and implementing in this residence.

Starting Point

The project had to adhere to the conditions of the site, located on a high plateau at the highest point of the land. A large perimeter wall plastered in white was designed so that it wraps around the main floor and delimits the whole, as well as providing privacy.

modern hongkong mansion with classic brazilian architecture main acces in modern hongkong mansion with classic brazilian architecture bathroom in hong kong mansion bathroom in hong kong mansion

The idea of breaking schemes was successfully embrace in access. This environment is dominating the living area and serves as a connection to the kitchen and dining room. And the interior was completely reorganizing to provide greater integration and flow between the spaces. The apartment was rethought to include spaces in tune with modern lifestyles. And the taste of new residents, a young couple with twin passions for art and nature.


The basic premise of the project was living with art and garden“, an idea reflecting in the spaces. Which present both natural elements and design pieces. The garden results in a smooth transition to the city and an extension of the apartment’s living space.

The work of Joyce Wang is defined by a creative approach base on art and good living, technical and practical rigor in design, meticulous attention to detail and close supervision of the entire process.

Authorship designs and attention to detail are characteristics of the project of this apartment.

As for the interior of the apartments, the grandeur of them was highlighting the spaciousness of the rooms and their ornamentation. The high ceilings, the balconies, the floors of solid wood and the doors with great dimensions, gave a very noble style to these spaces.


Along with Their characteristics have turned them into highly adaptable and functional spaces and in many cases. They have maintained the use as apartments and housing. Giving them a much more modern touch combining different classic aspects with other more avant-garde ones.

Furthermore the layout of your interior, the decoration is essential to highlight it. The choice of furniture is as important as the choice of colors. So, we must pay attention to the layout to optimize each space and make it warm.

Eclectic Chandeliers

Eclectic and artistic chandeliers master bedroom in hong kong mansion

in addition, The Chandeliers hang and spread the light. On the wall was a taupe painting, in the same tone as the color of the sofa. The large sofa is elegant. On the floor, they used a pale wood floor.



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