Classic House

Classic style interior at Lichtenstein Mansion

Lovers of the classics rely on durability and restraint. Actual at all times materials, high-quality textiles, and warm colors define the interior. The secret of the classic is the elegance of the forms and the highest quality. However, maybe you think the classics are boring? Try playing on color contrasts, giving the interior depth and establishing a strong connection with modernity.Classic House

Classic decor with color accents

Classic main Acces

In this classic country house in Lichtenstein London some time ago they made major repairs. There is more than enough space in the building. A beautiful garden adjoins to the magnificent cottage, into which a number of double transparent doors leads.

And the only thing that surpasses the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the convenient location of the house in the traditional English style is a luxurious classic interior, skillfully complemented by bright color accents.

The classic interior of the living room, complemented by bright colors


Classic bedroom Classic Fire Pit Classic bedroom Classic Staircase

Strictly speaking, this interior cannot be called completely classic. The elegance of a classic interior, expensive materials and magnificent furniture of Italy are combining here with walls of fashionable colors and modern elements of decor, and as a result, an eclectic mix of styles emerges.

Living room with a classic interior in bright colors enlivened vibrantly. The kitchen completely updates – and so that moderns do not look boring.

extraordinary, bright and slightly shocking. The second place in popularity is occupying by a modern style with a touch of urbanism. And the top three closes the timeless classic – respectable and status. The photos below give a complete picture of how elite this mansion look, the design of which is implemented in these styles.

Art Deco in the design of luxury apartments

Classic Staircase

Light marble, onyx veneer, crystal, mirrors – the luxurious interior of an apartment in the art deco style will not leave anyone indifferent! This spectacular style is characterized by the presence of:

  • contrast details
  • exotic textures and rare varieties of natural stone
  • original decor
  • as well as a large number of glossy surfaces that make the setting bright, non-trivial and create a sense of celebration.

Impressive scale

Classic door

every detail in the design of the bedroom in the photo impresses with its scale.

A place for good communication

Classic House in london

Mint-designed designer armchairs with original design are perfect for a relaxation area in a luxurious living room with golden décor and designer mirror panels.

The triumph of nature

Chair in the pool

Swimming pool in the Classic House in london

Marble floor, lively fire in the fireplace, an impressive panel of old tree slab. In this modern living room with LED lighting, there is a triumph of nature.

Black color in the main role

Classic Spiral Staircase

Urbanism with light notes of eclecticism is perfect for the design of a multi-functional living room. And in order to look bright and graphics, it is better to give the dominant role to black.

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