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VIP Airport lounges: the best interior design by Beata Heuman

Traveling can be the perfect time to appreciate the best and most elegant interior designs. If the excellence was in the most exclusive class of the airline, which offers preferential access in the billing.

Airports are places of essential passage in most of our trips. In the controls of passengers and VIP lounge in the airports. The luxury now goes much further, regardless of the VIP conventional airports. With very limited access, and service available to the most demanding.

Here we show you the most outstanding. There are with shopping centers, botanical gardens, cinemas, luxury restaurants or even a pool. Of many, you would never want to leaveBeataheuman Vip Lounge (1)

Beataheuman Vip Lounge (2)

Beataheuman Vip Lounge (3)

Decorex VIP lounge


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Beataheuman Vip Lounge (5)

Beataheuman Vip Lounge (4)

It is not a normal waiting room. It is the place so that the hours in which you wait for your flight to leave are an experience. Ergonomics, magnificent food and wines, the formula to achieve it.

The most prestigious space in which two million dollars in adaptation with a complete design of interiors. And also furniture, bathrooms, technological resources, decoration, and other elements to make this space. It’s a true premium experience for international travelers.

The Interior Character

This room is not just a place to sit and wait for your flight. Its design especially for travelers. So that they can enjoy different spaces. Also, they can take a good rest in the rocking chairs of the Balcony Zone.

it has a large panoramic terrace to watch planes land and take off. Also, rooms to rent for sleeping, showers, and, sightseeing tours of the airport. Do not forget to ask about the beauty spa services.

Full Service

In addition, you can take a nap in the comfortable chairs. As well as hold business meetings in the Business table, ideal for frequent business travelers.

these types of rooms are important within the airline’s business model since customer service. Both on land and in the air should be a priority.


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