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Masculine Interior Design By Mark Cunningham

We leave behind the myths about decoration, of course, it is also for men. And why not, if they also look for a sophisticated space that reflects their personality.

All men are different, but so many things are universal. Like looking for a space with minimal maintenance with a sophisticated style but easy to maintain. The masculine trend arrives with dark and mysterious neutral tones with only a few color notes. The key pieces of the space are woods in dark tones, textures in textiles and metal elements with matte finishes, with inspiration that goes from the industrial to the sophisticated.


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For this look, the wall is the perfect background that is accentuated with a darker color, such as slate gray. The color palette in gray gradually brightens up with color details like a cushion, and with a warm complement with the wood texture in the accessories.

The contrast between textures is key in this space: again dark wood is present, accompanied by iconic chairs such as games with its modern silhouette, in contrast to fresh and fun prints as the art of the wall and the rug. If you’re not a fan of using real leather, we recommend a textile finish with a print.


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This space is sophisticated without losing the functional part, check out the trio of tables that you can accommodate depending on the occasion. For an extra dose of glam, use an iconic chair as a compliment.

The contrast between dark and other light elements in warm tones, especially in wood and leather.

Masculine Interior decoration style

Since men also love the decoration. In addition to being Masculine interior designers, we must bear in mind that sometimes you have to decorate more neutral spaces.

In a masculine space, the loft, English, industrial or Nordic style are those that are closer to being masculine interiors, or neutral in terms of gender.

Moodboard neutral environments of masculine and Nordic style in black and white.

In general, an environment that men and women like so much is a practical environment. For Instance, Neutral colors, cozy, with just decoration, besides being totally contemporary.

I hope that this detailed summary of the key pieces that characterize this style will help you with your next decorating projects.


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