Khloé Kardashian luxurious mansion Design By Martyn Lawrence Bullard


Khloé Kardashian opened the doors of his luxurious mansion to the Architectural Digest. With the help of Martyn Lawrence Bullard to explains in this article. How to manage to build his mansion in the face of his personality.


Martyn Lawrence Bullard (1)
Martyn Lawrence Bullard

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We can see that your house has quite the Moroccan as we can see in the fountain. The detailed wall, the mirrors, and tables. All this linked with an exotic style of glamor. That stands out for its pearl in its look of Mediterranean origins. Despite all these influences Khloé always maintains a minimalist style.

They hired the same interior designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, and he managed to leave each project with a different personality. Kourtney, for example, has a collection of breathtaking pictures. While Khloé has an unbelievable shoe closet.

Family Home

This was a house from the eighties, and with the help of interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. It became a beautiful family home, not just a beach house, but also an oasis. The best thing about Malibu’s wonderful homes is that people can really live up to their fantasies.


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Martyn Lawrence Bullard

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In this house live tropical plants, external design furniture, vintage pieces, a large kitchen, several spaces to share and relax. Reinforcing the idea of comfort and relaxation both inside and outside. The beautiful garden honors the owner and landscaper of course.

A nice thing: the decorator interviewed each member of the family. To know what they expected and needed for their spaces. So he was able to offer very personal details.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard (9) Martyn Lawrence Bullard (10)

They renovated the house completely, especially the bottom. To reconfigure the rooms, we replaced the old windows with black iron frames, and light walls

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The interior has great proportions, but the idea was a familiar and relaxing atmosphere. All the furniture is comfortable, there are antiques blending with modern mid-century pieces and spectacular fixtures.

Inside this house, we can find a lot of natural fabrics and tribal rugs in some rooms.

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