Art District Loft for masculin apartment

Arts district Interior: Industrial apartment with loft design

The ceiling was not closed, but left concrete, removing the wiring in the copper boxes, a stylish and modern solution. The walls are laid out with tiles imitating brickwork. The imitation is so accurate that there is a complete feeling that the walls are decorated with decorative bricks.

The design of the apartment in the loft style is based on the use of white and black. Not the last role was played by wooden elements (floor, countertops, dinner table, closet, and kitchen set), they add comfort to a beautiful picture.

Living room

A wide window sill is considered very fashionable. It will also be a place to rest.

Art District Loft
Art District Loft
livingroom of masculin apartment
livingroom of masculine apartment

Art District Loft design

recreation room
recreation room

Interior decoration in the style of a loft is always lighting. This small apartment is no exception. The interior design in the loft style is continued in the spacious kitchen, where there is enough space for storing the necessary utensils, and for culinary experiments, to which the owner of the apartment is a big hunter.

Loft style requires maximum light and space, as well as the absence of interior walls. The style has something in common with minimalism but instead gives the opportunity enough to carry out various creative ideas. And in combination with modern design allows you to create a unique atmosphere.

The total space of the apartment in the loft style


Very modern and at the same time cozy looks two-tiered. Choose where the rest area will be located. Ideal to smog a huge window from floor to ceiling. It will give a lot of light and help to increase the space in a small apartment.

The original design of the workplace

Industrial Apartment

Loft style is characterized not only by high ceilings and huge windows but also rough wall decoration. Therefore, the concrete wall fits perfectly into the interior. It looks a very impressive picture in black and white or white and gray scales.

Bedroom area

masculin master bedroom

Art District Loft

Now go to the bedroom area. It can be done already in more subdued, white, beige, tones that are pleasant for sleeping.

Next, we put a bedside table for various small things, a book and a carafe of water and a lamp.

A kitchen is a place where delicious food is prepared

Masculin Apartment
Kitchen Loft

Now go to the most important area – the kitchen area. We also make kitchens in white and beige tones.

Unusual will be the use of a wooden bar and make small shelves, arrange indoor flowers on them, jars with spices, honey, jam.


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