Butas Valakampiuose apartment

Apartment in Vilnius An Exotic Vintage Touch Wrapped in Minimalist Design

Located in Vilnius, the capitol city of lithuania, this beauty apartment standing in 123 meter square. designed by famous architect Ieva Prunskaitė & Rokas Puzinas at 2018.

The Livingroom

Your eyes will enjoy seeing the minimalist TV buffet accompanied by a large white couch. The rustic marble table is absolutely going along with the couch and buffet. One will never be able to refuse the beauty of this minimalist stroke.

The full-size buffet enables you to put approximately anything possible there. Books, trophies, and small decorative creations are all fit onto the buffet. A hidden closet gives you ease acces to reach everything you need.

Living Room in Vilnius Apartment
Butas Valakampiuose Living Room
Large Living roomLiving Room in Vilnius Apartment
Butas Valakampiuose, Living room


White long table for your plants feel so fresh. Straight across is a wall mirror beautifully decorating your pathway.

Butas Valakampiuose's Pathway
Butas Valakampiuose’s Pathway

Master Bedroom

You will be tied forever on the king size bed and vintage end tables by the sides. While in front, you will see the view of the off-white massive wardrobe.

The inclusion of the rustic curtains completes the design as well. Surrounded all over the room with the large rustic curtains enables you to get a direct touch of the sunlight. Blinds are also ideally installed to go along with the rustic curtains.

Master Bedroom in Vilnius Apartment
Master bedroom

The nursing room is a quite different color with other rooms Since baby gives you colorful joy. so the room deserves more than just black-white touch.

Still, in the same idea of minimalist, the baby cribs are white and soft colors. The diagonal paint supports the emphasis of minimalist stroke in the nursing room.

Kitchen & Pantry

Kitchen in Vilnius Apartment
Kitchen in Vilnius Apartment
Pantry in Vilnius Apartment
Pantry in Vilnius Apartment
Sink in Vilnius Apartment in Vilnius Apartment
Sink in Vilnius Apartment in Vilnius Apartment

When you need to fulfill your need for hunger, the kitchen fits more than just a full belly. Four rustic chairs offer you the comfort of enjoying the meal. The fridge and the oven are all perfectly concealed by every side of the counters.

Marbel Bathroom

Butas Valakampiuose's Bathroom
Butas Valakampiuose’s Bathroom
Vilnius Valakampiuose's Bathroom
Vilnius Valakampiuose’s Bathroom

Wait until you see the breathtaking rustic marble covering most of your bathroom. The rustic marbles surely give you the feel of wide and calm touch. The bathroom provides you with a long rustic bathroom counter as well. The idea of choosing the bathroom floor is to accompany the wall as well.

Via Prusta

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