Rustic Interior Design at Classic Italian Restaurant

Rustic charm design welcomes you right from the entrance of any Classic Italian Restaurant. Exposed brick walls complemented with bare plank floors are the true rustic trademark of any Italian restaurant.

Some say no one can beat the warm friendly Italian food. That is the reason, any Italian restaurants you enter will emphasize its homey atmosphere, mostly in a rustic interior design.

The smell of a wood-burning oven completes the rustic feel of any restaurant. Some say a restaurant should pampering the 5 senses, something smells good, looks delicious, taste amazing, feel right with the soft crunchy, compel any customers to keep coming back.

You should be able to find an authentic rustic Italian restaurant from basic designs to luxurious plans. Rustic look emphasizes in a material with big and grand pieces of furniture.

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Leather or suede

sofas, and chairs Leather or suede made are comfortable and soft. These type of material is easily cleaned and give a grand vibe to the place.

Wood floors, wooden furniture

rustic items send a warm feeling from worn out wood on the floor and wooden touch which dominate their furniture collection in the restaurant.

iron or rusted metals

Design is rustic way means use any rushty metal element. it blends well with the wooden element creating an eclectic style that most kitchen plus dining room like to achieve.

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Natural fabrics like cotton and linen

is a classic accessory, that great in color to be the right material for curtains and tablecloths. They need to be in plain color to let the wooden or metal element as the center focus.

Stone, rocks or concrete

these materials use heavily for pillars, wall, side corner and kitchen stoves. It takes the elements of nature and combine it with the functional usage and polish the rustic vibe.

Garden elements

most home have plants and flower the add a fresh look to the rooms. This also applied to an Italian restaurant. Flower as a centerpiece on tables, or decorations in the sides, they light up the place.

Patterned tiles

vibrantly beautiful and used to protect the wall from oil stains and dirt coming from the stove. Certain patter will be used to give color, but it will not be too dominant.

Rustic kitchen features a ceiling with exposed beams and traditional stone oven and emphasizes on woods. The wooden shelves enhance with glass panels to make the bowls, plates, and glasses visible from the outside.

Vibrant colors

the Italian restaurant is known for their checked tablecloths. The green and red combination pay homage to the Italian flag as well, simple the blend really stand out.

Wall decor

The white wall makes a great background to holds several interesting trinkets such as very old guitar, antique plates, metal jugs, and other great finds. Overall you can decorate walls to enhance a great rustic charm with an Italian theme.

Rustic interior design creates a timeless n eclectic look that emphasizes on nature: handicraft, distressed items, constructed of natural materials.

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