Open Space Concept Design For A Modern House

A wide and open place will surely make anyone comfortable staying in that place. Whether it is an office or a house open concept design is popular these days.

Fun functional is the signature of open space concept. A single space has multiple usages — and why not? Especially in a house where everyone is interacting, open space house is a choice worth considering.

Parents overlooking their kids playing while cooking, Guest sitting in the dining room and still able to interact from the kitchen. This layout has become a modern convenience.

However, it also comes with several challenges, no wall means less privacy. Moreover, it is not clear where one room divide to another.


Open concept space require a detailed planning and run through the whole scenario before putting them into reality. Before considering aesthetics, you need a firm idea of the different ways you intend to use the space.

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A distinct function is a way to establish a layout. You can combine the kitchen and dining area and overall idea should be placed in writing to get the overall idea.


items to mark a certain are for example a rug in the living room or arranging the furniture into a reasonable divider without sacrificing aesthetic. A pole or a furniture can works also, you need to look at the layout before deciding any divider.

Marking is not always a must, some will force mark an area and does not look as if the house is in a flow. If there is not much room, this part can just blend with the area.

Layering put multiple items on top of each other can create a centerpiece without forcing it. It is also a great way to save up rooms and avoid messy environment.

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A stack of luggage as a marker or flower in a vase on top of table clothes is a great small touch in an open space room. Less is more and it keeps the house with a clean look.

Focus point

open space gives freedom to the creator, but there are guidelines need to adhere to traditional interior design principles. Each room should have a center point for the room that everyone is aware of.

Lighting is a great focus, things like a fireplace or a standing lamp can be a great addition to brighten the room. You can have a chandelier or huge series of lamps to complement the open ceiling.


Life without wall means a neutral color with a little burst of color to highlight a certain point. Some items need to stand out where the rest act as a background.

It is wise to choose not more than two colour palette, and play with shades of the color. A clean athmosphere give the feel of a bigger room.

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Negative point, In making an open space house, you need to pay attention to any dead part that does not have any function. That part of a room will lessen the balance in the house

It is not a matter of bringing negativity, but it is more of making sure all part of the house has a perpose and not leaving any part useless.

Most open space house will adopt a minimalist style of an interior to give room and function as the emphasis of their home. You want to stay away from allowing too much clutter that make the room uncomfortable.


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