How to Blend Modern and Traditional interior Design


It is an absolute dogma that everyone loves to see something beautiful and nice. The eye-catching objects always become center of attention on any occasion.

This applies to interior design from time to time. The names of decoration are always changing along with the era.

From the traditional of Japan to classic of Europe, from the ancient of Greek to modern of America and a lot more to mentions. At this opportunity, I would like to explore how to blend modern and traditional interior design in your room.

Somehow mixing the combination of the two is more complicated if not well planned.

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3 Tips to blend modern and traditional interior design in your house

Dominant style and accent enhancer

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Whether you choose modern or traditional, let one of them be the dominant style in your room. It is baffling if the two take the same portion in one room.

Let us decide that the modern is the bigger part in this occasion. Get the most impressive of modern lifestyle around the space. This includes the ceiling, wallpaper, carpet, and any other big stuff.


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To mix with the traditional sigh, you may have the furniture from the rare old furniture. To strengthen the traditional aura you may find this kind of stuff in the flea market.

Do not get to overwhelm if this is too pressing. You can retouch your current furniture with slightly abrasive paper to produce the old and rough texture.

Material in use


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Having the room with the combination is a playing of art indeed. The esthetic plays the main role in any aspect.

To produce the cozy and fresh room, you need to pay attention of what material to use. The modern dominant design will be the first impression to see.

Now take the material from the exposed bricks. Using this material will strengthen the traditional theme in your house while you provide the whole custom as modern style.

In addition, you may engage the material from cooper. Copper is always taking pride and elegant for a small property like a plate, spoon and other tableware.

Harmony or contrast is your choice
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In order To get the best possible outcome, pick the two combinations as a nuance of harmony or contrast in another side. If you prefer to have the style along together, so then the phase of harmony will take into account.

Combine the glamour of the contemporary sofa with the ancient wood table will produce the similarity as long as the color of them quite match one to another. In a different view, if you tend to have the contrary effect, take the design, texture, and color with different in any term.

People will find the eclectic point of view about your house design.

The modern traditional interior design has mixed the large influence material and the additional aspect of the other. The combination is not in any doubt that is something to create the entirely different atmosphere that coddles the occupant all time.

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