5 Interior design tips to create shabby chic living room

A shabby chic room is a perfect balance of relaxed vibe and clean sleek looking pulled together. It is an artistically elegant vibe, with more freedom to explore.

The main idea of this look is to create less-structured spaces with a little touch of messy without leaving the classy style. The look is not too much and no less than needed.

Interior design is all about balance, we play with a various element, we highlit some and subdue other roles to support another element to stand out.

We have compiled some tricks to add the necessary structure to your design without sacrificing too much shabby chic feel. Here are 5 interior design tips to create a shabby chic living room.

Source decoist
Source decoist
Neutral background

firstly, Shabby chic pieces are bright and colorful, the background for any shabby chic spaces should remain neutral to emphasize the items.

Background applies not only limited to wall and floors. If you wish to put colorful table cloth the table sould be a neutral color. The table cloth will shine and the room will not look messy.

Your freedom of neutral does not limit to only white and broken white. Tan, brown, and grey are frequently used. Shades of soft blue even purple can be applied.

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Secondly, When we refer to the word “shabby” as a part of “shabby chic” it features to an antique aesthetic. So You can invest in a sturdy and timeless furniture

Thrift store and yard sale is a good place to find that one of a kind items that inspire your shabby chic look. Sometimes, that one item can complement the entire room.

If you can’t find a piece that suits you, an alteration is common on a shabby chic item. Any item that you redesign should stand out in term of function.

Mix and Match
Shabby chic Furniture
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Accessorizing is the most fun part, be playful but try to keep balance in mind. This style of design focus on layering a variety of different accessories.

On dining chair, you can put extra cusions or a cover on top and decorate with colourful pattern. A small table with a functional centerpiece. The style is classic with a twist.


tems that feature various prints, patterns, and textures. For a whole look, try to limit your color scheme, However, if you are more a free spirit, there is no limit for you.

A touch of nature
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Shabby Chic Interior
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One of the best ways to drive home that feeling is to bring in some elements from the outdoors. They translate to the interior design, such as flowers, plants, stones, etc.

A wide range of natural structural furniture design also applied, such as bamboo binds, stone vase, and etc. They are other choices which can enrich your design and align to bohemian look.

Finally, The deal breaker for shabby chic is bohemian look, and make sure you have some layers. Stick to this 5 simple designing tips and you surely have a very shabby chic room.

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