How to applying Mid-Century modern interior at your home

Style of mid-century began in the middle of 1950. This is the most popular design on the time.

The warm and comfort take priority on how the house performs its nuance. Dominant color are brown raw wood, olive green, mustard, dark grey, orange, light yellow and green sky blue light.

To bring back home the aroma of 1950 you can add the old nostalgic accessories such as an old wine on the old brown table in the dining room. The artistic mirror in the era of 1950 can be placed in the middle of the living room.

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How this design still in great demand nowadays in the mid of 2018? Since the performance is timeless and adapts the natural elements, so that encourage people to gain interest in the outlook of this architecture design back home.

To stay in the millennial era, the exploration is needed to keep the existence of the design house interior. So is the mid-century modern interior design has adopted the modern lifestyle combined with the natural aspect.

6 Easy ways of applying mid-century modern interior at your home


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Applying the brown raw wooden is favorable for the sofa and coffee table. The sofa has a soft sit with forest look cushion on it.

The small coffee table has a firm line of geometric which provide the focal point around the room. The high foot wood chair will be plus point in addition. The familiar wood during the mid-century is similar with oak, walnut, teak, and rosewood.


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Larger room manipulation

If you have already existed house but you think the mid-century interior will be more than just a house. So considering an application of the touch is match what you imagine.

Unburden the partition like a wall or door connection is a wise idea to provide the room looks larger. This allows the mobility of the householder especially the children.


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The lamp is not only the essential part providing the light but also the masterpiece of the artist in the era of the mid-century back home. You may see the example of the style in this era.

Mostly hanging the lamp on the ceiling or attach it to the free wall. No matter the form of the light, you will find the style give the point of view in modernism.

Big minimalist art window

Typical of the mid-century interior design has a large glass window. This is to provide the sun bright into the room during daylight.

You can add a curtain of the stripes line to cover with the color of clean light white on the nighttime. These windows let the occupant observe the scenery out of the house.

Linen and fabric

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Linen and fabric give the effect of the strong geometric art with the motif of hard stripes and thick texture. The knitted wool material is the best option for this. The mid-century style focuses on the art of geometric lines almost in any element.

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