The Complete Guide to Creating the Best Farmhouse Interior

Farmhouse Interior Design
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Farmhouses can give natural, homey, and comfy atmosphere. Farmhouses also can give unique taste because it’s simplicity. Many people want to create a farmhouse, but don’t know how to it. It’s not difficult to do because it’s flexible. It means that you can add your own décor collections and vintage furniture that you like in your house.

Neutral color

To create a farmhouse, you can add neutral color like beige, white, or cream. It’s can give natural touch in your house without make it outdated.

You also can give earth tones to give it more color or natural wood color. Give simple touch in your wall or floor also can make it more natural.

You can also add bolder color as accents, but the overall scheme color should be natural and light.

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Give More Wood Accent

If you want to create the best farmhouse, you can add some wood furniture or vintage furniture. It can make your house have vintage ambiance.

Table, rustic benches, or vintage furniture that suits your tastes will complete your farmhouse. Another option that can you give is create wood and ceiling floor with natural color.


Open cabinets can be your choice to make the best farmhouse. Do you have some collections? If yes, you can put your open shelves and arrange it beautifully.

Open shelves can enhance your living room and kitchen. If you don’t like to all cabinets open, you can give just two cabinets open to make it more like farmhouse.

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Natural textiles

The fabrics that fit with farmhouse are linen, cotton, burlap and ticking. Made those fabrics into rugs, throw pillows, and other soft accessories will give you casual touch.

Because a farmhouse identic with heavy wood furniture, you can counter with some soft accessories. Add vintage style if you like.

Family Heirloom

Family Heirloom doesn’t it means that the things that expensive. Do you have some things that have history your family or handed down by your grandma or great grandma?

A modern farmhouse is identic with history of a family. If you have things that your grandma or great grandma given like light, pictures, paint or gloves, you can add it.

Family heirloom can make your guest tell about your family history.

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Mix and Match Furniture

You must focus with furniture. To choose what furniture that fit with your farmhouse, you must think about space. The furniture that you choose is furniture with feature clean and simple lines. It can give you clean and simple ambiance.

You can balance your natural material with your room. By adding plush couches, comfy accent chairs, and cushioned bar stools. A pendant and lightning also can add in your farmhouse. It can give modernist farmhouse style.

Give Simple Touch to Exterior

If you want to dressing up your exterior, you can add balcony or simple front yard. You can add greenery and flower on your exterior.

For greenery, you can put it on some pot. You can add flower that can wrap around the wooden post.

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