10 Modern and Minimalist Wall Ideas

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Home décor always becomes an interesting topic when we talk about mood, ambiance, and everything related to how to make our house at our preferences. Meanwhile, home décor itself cannot be separated from the functions of some important elements of the house. One of those important elements is the wall.

The way of giving a particular touch to the wall will surely affect the entire atmosphere within a room or a house. The choice of wall colors or materials, as well as some additional ornaments, will determine how the house look like. Thus, we need to be selective in choosing what kind of wall that we want for our house.

This article will specifically show you some alternative wall designs for your house. Those designs feature ten modern and minimalist wall ideas that may inspire you.

Modern and Minimalist Wall Designs for Your House

Blue and White Grunge Paint Watercolor Wallpaper

1 Blue And White Watercolor Wallpaper
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Let’s have a close look at this chic bedroom. To create a grunge effect on this wallpaper, its blue and white watercolor is artfully mixed with different shades of blue and white to look fashionable. As a result, this beautiful blend gives you a stylish yet modern look.

Minimalist Wood Wall

2 Minimalist Livingroom
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This minimalist living room looks chic, yet simple. The use of wood accent wall creates warmth to the entire room. In addition, the wide glasses application for windows also gives adequate brightness that supports the living room theme. It seems to be a perfect space for a day stay.

French Navy Minimalist Wall

3 Minimalist Blue Livingroom
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If you want to relax and enjoy your time off, a minimalist living room can be a good idea. This minimalist living room features French Navy painted wall and four well-structured mirrors on it. The choice of wall color gives you a tranquil feeling. Moreover, the latter supports the brightness and freshness of the room. This perfect combination creates a modern yet elegant look to this living room.

Modern Timeless Accent Wall

4 Modern Bathroom
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This bathroom design creates a wonderful haven. It features a brown accent tile wall which is a bit contrast to the white color of the ceiling and the floor tiles. This accent makes this bathroom look modern, yet timeless.

Glamourous Black Marble

5 Black Marble Bathroom
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Black is an enchanting color if properly used, like in this contemporary bathroom. A black marble wall creates a glamorous yet cozy sensation. Its natural and unique veins are more prominent on a dark background. The proportional use of glamorous black marble wall results in a fascinating and stylish look to this bathroom.

Wood Accent Wall

7 Accent Walls
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This spacious bedroom applies a wood accent wall to make it an extraordinary space for resting. The perfect combination of the fashionable wood accent, the white wall, and dark framed glass windows creates a welcoming and convenient look to this bedroom.

Cement Wall

8 Cement Kitchen Wall
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This minimalist kitchen looks so tempting owing to its natural appearance. The application of cement or concrete backsplash in this kitchen makes a simple yet stylish look to this kitchen. Moreover, a nice combination of gray and brown feels so clean and comforting.

Brick Wall

9 Kitchen Brick Wall
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A dining room is a perfect place to share meal times and memorable moments with family. Connected to the living room, this minimalist dining room uses an industrial or Scandinavian vibe which is shown in the use of the exposed red brick wall.

Modern Simple Wall

10 Modern Simple Dining
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A modern dining with a simple interior can be a preference. The natural color of the wall and simple Scandinavian style furnishings make you will feel the minimal simplicity throughout this dining room.

Simple Plastered Wall

12 Millenial Work Space
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This cozy home office can make you work along the day. A simple white plastered wall and Scandinavian accents along with minimalist style furnishings create a modern yet minimalist look to this workspace.


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