tips to make small luxurious bathroom at your home


One of the way to make we feel comfortable at home is decorate the small bathroom in the house to be luxurious. So here we give you some tips that may help you to make your small bathroom looks luxurious

Antique accessories

Put some antique or vintage accessories in it.  Try To use  a unique mirror or sink to add the value to make your bathroom looks interesting luxurious.

So if you are unique and antique items collectors, there’s no fault to place some of your collection in your bathroom.

Place a big mirror
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Add a glass wall and door for the shower room

Many bathrooms in five stars hotel use a glass wall to divide the shower room and the bathroom. It also used to divide the wet area and dry area in the bathroom. So you can apply it too at your house to make your bathroom look neat and luxurious too.

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Add hook for towels

Instead of the towel bar, you can add the hook that more fancy to place the multiple towels. It doesn’t need so much place and also make your looks neat and interesting.


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Monochrome style

Don’t put too much color to make your bathroom looks luxurious. Just put one or two solid colors to define your bathroom. So the monochrome style is also a good choice to decorate your bathroom. This style is also doesn’t need to much place, so it can make your bathroom looks simple but elegant.

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Metal and marble Materials

Adding Metal and marble in your bathroom make it looks glamorous and luxurious. Yes, you can place a faux marble or porcelain tile if you want your bathroom looks luxurious and glamorous. These materials can also give your bathroom some unique colors, like combination of chocolate and silver. It also can make your bathroom looks larger and brighter.

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Place the marble materials for your flower vases to make it more interesting to see. Polish nickel will make your bathroom looks more luxurious.



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Gold Accent

If we talk about luxurious, one of the thing that come to our mind is gold, isn’t it? Put some gold accent  to make your bathroom looks warm, brighter, and luxurious

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As we all know, placing a big mirror will make the rooms looks larger. So it also can be applie on your bathroom. Besides your room can be look larger, it also makes your bathroom look interesting and luxurious.

So this is our tips for you decorate your bathroom to looks luxurious. You have to pay attention the capacity for the best and proper design for your bathroom.

We hope that its article can help your and inspiring you to make a luxurious bathroom for your small room. Thank you for reading, and good luck.

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