Adorable Apartment Interior for A Young Family

Interior design of an apartment is challenging specially for a young family. Limited space, limited room, not enough air flow are some of the difficult thing to have in an apartment.

Sveral perks of living in a apartment is, beneficial locations, usually it is situated in the city center. Security is a big plus in having safety for your family.

More quiet living neighbourhood, when you live stack hing in buildings, but apartment doenst mean it does not have some disadvantages.

Once you walk in small hallway, a empty feeling strikes. But once you decorate the environment, the modern lines of the furniture with simple layering makes huge different.

An adorable relaxing interior in tone with the peaceful living space. Small area need creative mind to pull of an adorable look for a family to share.

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Air flow

You cant open the window in some apartment, make sure ventilations are regularly cleaned. Have a eco friendly AC for clearity of your space.


Make sure you keep as many as possible into the house. You need to avoid putting furniture against the sunlight and prevent the light in.

Green plant

It is hard to keep plants in apartment. But the nice additional can enlighten the stuffy apartment, and really put cozy in a room.

Choose easy maintain plants that doesnt need too much water or sunlight. You can have too much of them so chooce you plant well.


small furniture with a touch of colourful little items, give a focus of a room. Be creative with accesories and keep thing simple and timeless.

You need to avoid having too much item in a partment, so less is better. Each member of the family should have a little of themselves in an apartment for personalisation.

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High cealing ficture

to make a room wider you need to put focus into horizontal. If you put decorations up in the cealing it can wider the place.


commonly mirror can help a room looks bigger. In apsrtment place mirror directly across the window, this help bounce the light. It give illusion that you have more light.

Wall decoration

Have art hang on your wall and even you can have your kids work up there. Due to limited space only the ones you considers to be masterpiece can be up there.

Interior design for apartment for family can be cozy and inviting by keeping thing simple. A little touch of accesories highlit the place which all member of the family can enjoy.

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Clean colour

apartment usually come with plain background, be creative on having hanging material. Put little touch of colour with two or three colour sceme.

Children rooms can be more bright and colourful, but keep it minimum. Choose one side and focus there, dont over crowded the whole room.


small places like kitchen and bathroom, need a poping bright element as centerpiece. So the highlit in one corner give a widen feel.

Interior of the livingroom need to be kept simple. In most apartment, this is the main area where you gather with the rest of the family.

Pay attention to functional storage. Small place require the furniture to have at lease two function. Function and estetic should lies side by side.

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