Tiny house interior design With White Walls and Plants

A white wall is never fail to apply on any type of the house, even the tiny house. Why? Because the white wall is suitable with any color of ornament or furniture that place on it. And if you want bring a life and clean weather to your house, you can place some plants in your house

So, in this article we’re give you some ideas to design the white wall and plants to make your tiny ouse looks georgeus.

Place some pictures for your white wall

A picture on white wall makes your home no boring to see. If you had a Big pictur, don;t hesitate to place it on the wall of your iny house. But we advise you to just to put only one big picture of any room of your house to make a focus on attention of your room. It can also makes your rooms looks larger and interesting.

If you only just have the mall pictures, just combine and arrang the theme of these picture. Then place it on the wall to beautify your tiny house.

Add Wall sticker

Nowdays many people choose a wall sticker to beatify their house wall instead of wall paper. You can choose the wall sticker that defines the theme of your house. Same as the picture that placed on the wall, the wall sticker can also be a focus of attention of your room. So the room looks deeper and larger.


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Put the plant in the pot and place it on the wall

As mention before plants can make the house more alice and create some fresh air in the house. Put the plant on, and you dan arrange it tp be a wall decoration

You can make a wooden pallet that can be placed by pot of the plant before place it on the wall. You can also hanging the pot vertically using the rope.

Sand Garden ala zen in the house

If you dont have any time to take care the plant, sand garden is a good idea for your home because it doesn’t need much maintenance but still look interesting. Beside sand, gravel rock also can be used for this garden

Another idea to arrange the plants to make your tiny house interested is just make a little stairs and place the pot plant. This design can also easy to be moved every where.

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Put the small flower pot on the desk

You can also put the flower pot on the desk to decorate your house and make your house look naturally interesting. Choose a small plants like cactus, or small rose bucket to put in the small potthat you wanna place in your desk.

So here are some ideas for youe white wall and plamts for your tiny house. We hope yjat this article will give you some inspiration for your home decor. Hope it works on you and thank you for reading.

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