interior design tips for your shipping container office

When you are working in a shipping container office, you should think out of the box, to be able to work in a box. The choice of choosing a metal steel based as an office is bold in the first place.

The interior design of a shipping container need a full understanding of steel structure and the long modular shapes. It is cool during the day and warm at night, and has a non-permanence atmosphere.

Shipping containers office can be stacked up to add more rooms, it can grow at the same time as your business. The interior design also needs to follow these fact to benefits the most of the place.

Limited space, steel structure, and sustainability factors influence the inside part of the office. Here are 7 tips for making an interior design for your shipping container office.


natural light needs to be able to light the office during the day when office hours. You need to consider several big wide windows to bring light in.


If steel container doesn’t appeal for your Covering the surface wooden floor is choice to considers. It also gives variety and a non-monotonous atmosphere in the areas.

Open space

This style of an office means a revealing building where workers can see each other. This also means people outside can see in, use tall vertical curtains for certain privacy.

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Plain color

The limited space need a plain color like white or grey to create a wider office. Bright color or pattern usage in one side of the office can give focus on the place.

A lot is less

have multifunction furniture to maximize space and functions. It items doesn’t have two functions or more, need to rethink its use on the office.

Floating storage

Have your stuffs hanging on the wall, keep if fun and wide. The office needs the extra room and working in a container is not like other offices, be creative with the layout.

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Your typical office will have cubical enable staff to focus on their task while sitting closely with their co-worker. In a container, office maximizes divider usage and give the focus you need.


Has a big wide mirror in a certain part of the office, double the room then the real size. Meeting rooms or office canteen where people gather can really use this element.


A modern sophisticated touch to replace your typical door. A glass door common in shipping container office, it is simple and brings extra light to the room.

No matter how you look at it, shipping container offices have the right structure to show off your office. Put on your creativity hat and make your office design stand out

The office worker will love working from a unique office and while support sustainability. Besides these tips above, try to keep in mind that designing interior means keep aligning with the office spirit.

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