How to redecorate tiny kitchen with small budget

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Tiny kitchens give challenges in terms of beautifully but functional in a tiny house. The center of the life of a house lies in its kitchen, so it have to be comfortable kitchen.

If you love to cook, entertain and relax with family and friends. An inviting kitchen, although come in small size, doesn’t reduce the value that a cozy place hold.

To create a comfortable house, you don’t have to broke the bank. However, budget-friendly ideas can mean big to create a spectacular kitchen.

Plenty of Sun

Bigger and brighter kitchen with the use of high sheen and shiny textures. So by putting a glass table or cupboard that see-through can result to enlarging look floor space.

Appliances from steel can be shiny and long-lasting. Meanwhile, Put more money in the appliance you use daily so you don’t buy them again and again.

Light color

Usage of light colors on your walls can open up space. for instance likely Yellows, oranges, light blues, and greens are color pallets that are popular choices today.

Plain color like the white or broken color is a popular choice for a tiny kitchen. If you have bright color paint use it on one wall to give focus.

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Open storage

Closed storage result to tighter and dingy space. You can remove some of the doors on your cupboards can create an open and airy room.

Binds and glass see through is a nice touch to give more space and still considers aesthetics. Binds from affordable that you make yourself can reduce the budget.

Scale down furniture

Big and too much furniture will shrink your room. But smaller things can give more room to move and bigger feels.

Throw away the thing that you think you will use but you didn’t. If you haven’t used an item for three years, probable donating is the best way to declutter.

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No colorful curtains

Let the natural light in and give an open air room. Your kitchen will have more bigger and brighter version.

plain binds or a simple curtain consequently will lighten the kitchen with light. Reduce the lamp in the kitchen and keep it only the essentials.

Less stuff

Invest in a durable appliance that lasts longer and easy to wash. Cheap things will cost more in the long run and not very thrifty.


Look for sale and discount in stores and steal a deal of furniture at a reasonable price. Put your money to classical items that you use daily.

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Reusable items

in other word, container from candy jars, ice cream bucket can took place as a storage in your kitchen. Think of function and environment-friendly to keep cost down.

Handmade items

Meanwhile, If you are creative to make a lovely kitchen touch gives a huge difference. in conclusion, sew your own tablecloth show lots of love in the room.

to sum up, These are some ideas you can use to transforming a tiny kitchen into a comfortable gathering place. Decoration with a simple twist can mean a huge difference.

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