15 Brilliant Ideas for Your Rare Terrace

Simple Rare Terrace

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Not all the house has rare terrace. It can be an extension of your house. Some people doesn’t know how to manage its rear terrace. And at the end, home owners just let the rare terrace as it.

Actually there are some ways to make rare terrace looks great. You can get some small place but useful. Usually, it can be an extension of living room or dining room. But you can make it like these.

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Put some plants in your terrace can be useful. It will add your mood and helps the environment has good air. Nature feeling and relaxing will be on the way. You can make vertical garden or just put the plants in the pots. Arrange it based on its type or size.

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You can put chair and table garden in there so you have a place to relax by yourself. Even have some breakfast here.

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You can put up pergola and add a long dining table and chairs. So you can have another dining table. If the weather perfect, take the chance to eat outside. Even you can work here.

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Reading area in rear terrace is also great idea. You can add some pillows and nice sofa. Don’t forget to bring a blanket so you can stay warm.

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If you have and attractive view from rare terrace just add single chair and let you have me time by seeing the view. The view will catch in your rear terrace.  So you don’t need extra budget to make it wonderful.

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Maybe your rear terrace is small enough to make you confuse. Don’t be afraid to break down the wall so make the room larger. For the roof, install glass instead of roof tile. The sun will directly shines your dining room. So you don’t need extra lighting. Well, you have a better lighting in the world.

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If your rare terrace is large enough, why don’t develop small swimming pool for your own need and put some sofas there for you to sun bathe.

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Making rare terrace useful is quite challenging. Don’t give it too much accessorize. Well, fireplace is not too much. You will feel warm when you talk with your friends or family in rare terrace. Feeling so close, isn’t it?

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Rare terrace as playground, why not? Your kids gonna love it. The fresh air, view and space is comfortable enough to them to play.

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