16 Fabulous Kitchen Design by Jean Stoffer

Jean Stoffer Design Ideas

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One of the independent interior designer, Jean Stoffer, has a lot of ideas in kitchen design. Basically she is an interior designer and concentrate in kitchen since 1995. Her work can inspire the home owners. The design has new, fresh and unique look which is suitable for each client.

She can build a room based on client’s personality. Steal her kitchen look so you can applied it in your kitchen.

Black and White

Black and white is never end. The colors can last longer for decade and make the room looks elegant without do much effort. You can add something stand out as a signature in your room so it doesn’t look pale or flat. Steal its look by applying the hanging lamp or the shelves.

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Add some room for the magazines in kitchen table is great idea. Your family can wait for the dishes while reading their favorites magazine. Just remind them to put it in its place again.

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If you only have usual hanging lamps or shelves, you can add unique cookware as your signature. Put it on the kitchen table where everyone can see it.

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Add some pattern in your kitchen also great. So your black and white kitchen will be more fashionable.

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Grey Kitchen

Mixing grey color and wood material is perfect. You can accentuate the wood material and its nuance. It will look modern and country feel at the same time.

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Apply its beautiful cabinet kitchen color. You will have modern, cozy and comfortable kitchen. Not only you, your family would love to hanging out here.

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Gold Touch

To get elegant look, give gold color in your kitchen. It can be in your cabinet, kitchen table, counter top, seats or hanging lamps. Choose two of them to put gold color.

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Plant in Your Kitchen Table

If fashion says, “when in doubt use black or red” but in kitchen interior can be says “put plants when in doubt”. Well, plants can increasing your mood and the room look. You can choose tall plants or small one. Make sure it can match with your kitchen theme.

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Why don’t you give a signature to your kitchen by placing the cookwares outside. If you have beautiful cookware, don’t hide it in cabinet. Just show it so your rose gold cookwares will be the focal point.

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Fresh Dining Room

Kitchen and dining room is a mutualism symbiotic, need each other. You already have a new and fresh kitchen, it means your dining room should be able to keep up. Try these look. You can change your hanging lamps or the the dining table. Change them with the modern one.

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