15 Simple Van Conversions Interior

Van Conversions Interior Ideas

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When you decided to be a travel photographer or travel blogger, you absolutely need a destination. A destination can fill your portfolio with amazing pictures, stories and experiences. Then how about having more than one destinations and you choose the road trip to enjoying whole trip. You can make it low cost if you already have van. Yes, the stories will be nicer to tell.

You can reach the remote area, you don’t need to worried about staying, and you will have wonderful experiences. Sometimes you get great stories when you are on trip not when you are in destination.

If you want to go with van, make sure the van has all your basic need. Although it size is smaller than RV or short bus but you still can going everywhere with van.  Just keep the interior simple and decor it as your need and wish.

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Bed is Essential Thing

Actually, bed is an essential thing in the van. You are in road trip and surely you will be pretty tired to drive. Then you need charge your body with sleep. Good sleep can be reach if you have comfortable bed. You can put it everywhere you want in your RV, next to back door or behind the driving area.

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Storage, storage and storage. You can’t denied that you need some storage to put a lot of things. Though you are in van, you can bring things if you have storage to keep them.

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You may pick these ideas when you don’t install the table but you still have the table. You can hide it under your bed. Brilliant, isn’t it?

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What’s the best when you are in van is you can enjoying the scenery every time you want without distracted by check out time.  Even you can keep feel cozy and homey at the same time.

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Only you who can make your own van feel comfortable and cozy. Decor it so that suits with your personality. If your van has top window, you can open it and let the air (or even the leaves) enter your van when you are parking.

Enjoying the moment by laying down the bed or install hammock inside your van can be nice. Play some melody in your guitar so you don’t feel lonely.

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