8 Inspirational Garden Path Ideas

DIY Garden Path Ideas

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You can make the garden looks great by add something contrast with your plants. You may have different colors of plants but still look same. It’s time to add garden path to get different nuance. There are a lot of ideas how to make garden path easily or even in low budget.

Read and steal these ideas below to get your garden have nice garden path.


You can make garden path from leftover granite. Cut them into small and long size. Different size and color can make it more spellbinding, don’t be afraid to mix it.

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If you have wood logs which not that useful, cut it into 10 inch then apply it in your garden. Voile, your wood garden path is rocking your garden.

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Colored Pebbles

Create different look for your garden path buy making some mosaic patterns with colored pebbles. You can make circle, flower even abstract shape. Use your creativity freely.

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Find some stones in various colors and shapes. Then make it as garden path. It may take some effort to make it but the final result never disappoint you.

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Concrete and Brick

If you make just concrete as your garden path, it may look dull, flat and boring. Even it makes clean look but, believe, you want to add something to make it not that flat. You can add bricks to make it has pattern and looks attractive.

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When you want to make more creative for garden path, use your creativity by using bricks. You can make it from leftover bricks or even you buy it. Place it in various way to make it have pattern.

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Natural Stone

Natural stone can be an usual garden path or as stepping stone as replace from usual staircase. It can be tricky and need more time but the look make your garden flawless and natural.

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Who don’t falling in love with pallet. It cost low, useful, and the look make the room or area is nice. Sometimes you can get pallet for free and you can make something or two with pallet, including garden path.

Place pallet with little gap to make earthy feeling and let the plant grows between the pallet path.

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There are no default rules that require you to use only one type. You can mix two types into one charming garden path. Just mix pallet with stone or brick with stone, etc.

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