15 Incredible Future Houses

Future House Architecture Ideas

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We all know how the house look like. With roof, wall, door and window with common shape. But how the future house architecture would be look like? You may not see it is as a house but a building with a futuristic design. It may need big land or even the smallest land.

Well, let’s see the future house architecture look like. These picture below maybe can wake your wanted to build a house like one of its.

Portable House

It looks like a small common house. But if you see closer, there are wheels under the house. So it uses for the house to moving in. If you bored with the view, just move the house to “new” ground. Although the interior still same like common house but the home owner make it clean and sleek. So it gives futuristic impression.

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Square-Basic Shape House

We may know when two story house looked complicated in the past. The home owners gives a lot of details in the house. But for future house, the shape just square for two or three story house. It don’t give so much details like the old time.

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Curved House

Future house can be build in curved. It may let the air flows better around the house. You can call it semi-indoor house.

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Now, the architect is having more courage to build uncommon shape for the house. There are a lot of inspirations to building the house and applied it in their design. Including pyramid. Why don’t make pyramid house?

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If you really love wildlife, maybe this one can inspire you. Living close to wildlife by build the house with this shape. You can still feel comfortable and love with the view at the same time.

18 Mid Century Modern Interior Designs
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The house may looks like an egg. Well, the inspiration come from there. When you want to go somewhere, you can close it like an egg. But when you are at house, open it like a bird.

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Water House

Building house in common land maybe boring. You want something different. Building the house on the water. Yes, you read it right. A house on the water. There are a lot of ideas of how the shape of house if build on the water.

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A half sinking house? Why not. You can see what other don’t see. An underwater life. Such a rare and expensive view, isn’t it?

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Super Slim House

Millennial generation is predicted can’t buy a house on a good land. This may be one of the solutions for the millennial generation to own a home. A super slim house which located in small alley.

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