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15 Awesome Architecture Ideas

There are a lot of building which has awesome architecture. The architecture is awesome, futuristic and modern. Everyone can get some inspires after see it. It spread all over the world. Well, all the country has its awesome architecture.

Lotus Building

Lotus Building in China make us remember about lotus flower. Even the building has been built on the water, same like lotus flower which live on the water.

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Diamond Tower

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Diamond Tower located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It has 93 floor and the height is 432 meters.

CBD, Beijing

Beijing has another awesome architecture. It is CCTV Trouser Tower. The shape is futuristic and modern. There is a hole in the middle of the building.

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Christian Dior Flagship

A fashion brand has the futuristic building. Christian Dior make the statement in Seoul, South Korea with the flagship building. It gives modern impression for people.

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It is a concept from Vincent Callebaut about introducing the building with natural concept.

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Katara Towers

Katara Towers in Lusail Marina District, Doha, Qatar is a prove that architect can build a building in uncommon shape. Tower has 40 floors and the height is 211 meters.

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Crescent Moon Tower

This may be a concept but possible to built. Dubai usually can make it real. Can you imagine a moon become a tower?

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Ocean Nebula Hotel

The hotel concept is luxurious. It will be built in New Zealand. Uniquely, you need to travel by boat if you want to stay here. And the located is not far from the main city.

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Guggenheim Museum

The museum located in Bilbao, Spain. The architecture is unique, modern, and futuristic. It may look dark but leave a mysterious impression. If you love modern and contemporary art design, this museum is a perfect place for you.

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Ribbon Chapel

Hiroshi Nakamura has been built a Ribbon Chapel which located in Hiroshima, Japan. It is a wedding chapel which stand in Bella Vista Sakaigahama. You can enjoying the hill and seeing the love birds getting married.

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Copacabana Fitness Club

You may see it as strangest building you have ever seen. The architect of the building is inspired by human body.

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Some awesome architecture is can not be build because high difficulty. But not all of them is impossible to be built. There are some futuristic, awesome and difficult design which can be built.

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