15 Inspiring Short Bus Conversions Interior

Short Bus Conversion Interior

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Some people deciding to live in road life with RV, short bus, or van as their home and vehicle. Most people choose RV because of the size.

Whilst van is safe and many resources for conversion is doable. But the transit sometimes too small for van.

So the final option is short bus. Maybe you can’t build comfortable toilet as in RV but you can live with your family and kids in this short bus.


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Short bus is great size for transit. You can go everywhere without feeling cautious about the track or parking area. And in short bus, you could stand up and have enough space for you and kids.

Now, time to decorate your interior school bus. Decor it with your own want and need.


Bring a theme to your interior short bus conversion is nice. You can pick your favorite theme in the world and make sure you won’t be boring with its theme. Why? Because you will spend all your time in the short bus.

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You can decor your flooring with attractive pattern and colors. Although you pick neutral color for the most of interior, the flooring make a statement in its interior.

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Who says that you can’t add fireplace in your short bus? Yes you can. Fireplace can keep you warm when the outside is cold enough to make you freeze. Just pick the small one so you still have spaces to walk around.

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Work table and dining table can be one. A table in here should have put every type of things and uses. When you need a place to work, it can be your work table. Likewise you want to eat, it can be your dining table.

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But all of its, make sure your short bus is warm and cozy enough for you to sleep or take a rest.

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When you decided to use grey as your short bus color, you need something to make it stand out. Add some lamps to make it look nice and different. Lamps can be its statement so as the bold color in your pillows.

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Plants is also a great idea to make your short bus interior feel pleasant. Please put them on the floor, on the table or hanging it on the ceiling.

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