Going Through Concepts of Modern and Minimalist Wall

Wall design is the first thing you have to choose when you’re about making your room or decorate it. Wall color will make the major make up in room.

For example, if you want brighter and wider camouflage, you have to pick light tone color like white porcelain, cream, or another palletes. If you want to decorate your place with modern and minimalist design, you need to mark some important things to pick and do.

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The modern design means your design must be simple as much as modern era. Somehow it means less details, and focus with the minimalist side. For making it minimalist, you should choose color palletes with neutral color based. Bookmark that modern design is different from contemporary design.

You may like your minimalist design with white, black, or grey color. But it’s more contemporary than modern. Modern design has its era, but contemporary design refers to now & future designs, no matter what time is it.

There are so many modern and minimalist color such as brown, rust, sky blue, turquoise, soft/ olive green, gold, lake blue, et cetera. Yep, these all are members of earth tone color palletes. Earth tone means natural and refers to any tone which match with brown or ground color.

In the same meaning, earth tone is everything natural around us like leaf, sun, sky, or soil. But you can also combine pure tone color with black, white, or grey for making it earther.

There are so many designs you can apply on your modern and minimalist wall. One of those is plain colored wall. Plain colored wall bolding the minimalist theme. It can be one or more tone color application in a room. You can paint whole room with one color or choose more color for another wall side. If you choose to paint whole room with one color, pick bright pallete like sky blue or soft brown for making wider room camouflage.

It’s also nice to put darker color like tan or brown but make sure the room is light friendly enough or have more open space. The paint must be solid color, with a matte or also a little glossy paint. More tone color can be applied in a room.

The key is keep it minimalist. You better choose colors with near tone or light to neutral tone. At least use maximum three tone for one room. There are so many beautiful combo colors for making pretty modern and minimalist wall.

Beside painting with solid colors, modern design is also identic with wooden touch. Choose solid an high quality wood based for one or some spot in the wall.

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You can put wood spot for hanging TV. It’s better to make it dark so it’s look more clean an contrast. Dark, clean, and gloss, are what modern and minimalist element is.

It’s also good to pick the same tone with major wood furnitures. The signature of modern and minimalist design is architectural lines. Architectural lines can be made from wood. But keep it minimalist by not putting too much architectural lines.

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Another option is natural brick wall. Natural brick has a warm earthy color which is suited modern design concept. It’s really nice to use brick wall in a modern room, but sometimes it’s not really minimalist.

Trick is, make it a little gloss or not so natural. It can make brick wall looks neat. Second trick, don’t use this natural brick design for all walls. Make it combined with solid colors. Use this natural brick design maximum for three side of walls of whole room.

Which type of wall design do you like? Whatever is it, put a classy simplicity in it. Modern design are about neat natural concept, and minimalist keep it simple.

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