15+ Simple & Gorgeous Coffee Shop Ideas for your startup business

In addition to competing to present a unique menu, the owners of the coffee shop also tried to show the cool interior design concept. Things to remember that coffee shop interior design cannot be in number two right, because the comfort factor of visitors is the main.

Even based on research conducted by INFUSE, interior design cafe becomes a strong reason why people will come back again. And it will be much better if your interior cafe concept will be Instagram-able! Because now social media play a very important role in the promotion of a business.

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But the constraints that arise when wanting to start a cafe business is usually a mediocre budget. Indeed, to design the interior of a cafe required quite a lot of funds, then whether to make a cafe with a cool concept with a low budget?

If you have a good concept, surely visitors will be more comfortable to linger hanging out or back to the cafe (Do not forget! Food menu offered also make sure and additional superfast WiFi is the most important).

In this concept, the selection of furniture must also be considered. Usually, a concept like this will match the dominant wood furniture, and give a touch of the motif on the dining table to look not boring.

You can also put ornamental plants in some corners of the cafe. But, do not mostly later so it looks like a plant shop.

Create a cafe atmosphere as minimalist as possible with the concept of Scandinavian!

The Scandinavian-style interior design is widely applied in Western countries, especially because the interior design is focused on the simplicity, the utilization of each room with still looks elegant and beautiful. Good lighting is a very important element in this interior design. Lighting is expected to give the impression of warm and comfortable in the room.

Scandinavian style furniture fits perfectly with the urban style. Urban interiors are more dynamic with sleek furniture models, just like with Scandinavian furniture. Although impressed minimalist, Scandinavian furniture has a high artistic value.

Because sometimes the concept of Scandinavian tends to be dominated by white or other bright colours, and a few extra striking colours like yellow or green Tosca.

Using this concept, you do not need to give excessive accents or install full-pattern wallpapers or put a lot of decorations on the wall.

There are two things that can strengthen the characteristics of the concept of the Scandinavian cafe. First, the design of wooden chairs or sofa with a base made of wood. Second, in the case of lighting, you should be able to create the more creative design of the lamps to order well and look unique.

If you have a large place, try to use modern industrial concepts.

Who knows you already have a vast place but when it will design the interior of the cafe and his shop is sober. The trick for you is the need to get around the big room with makeshift furniture.

The interior design style of the industry does have its own fans. For fans who want a rugged and masculine dwelling appearance, this choice of design styles perfectly represents your personal adventure! The interior design is focused on the selection of materials that look like exposed brick walls, concrete floors, materials that are completed by accentuating natural shapes and textures. The final look is a mysterious and somewhat loud but comfortable atmosphere.

The nuances of industrial style are created from the unfinished touch that comes from the ceiling, walls, to the floor. In addition, some elements such as pipe and iron become one of the aesthetic additions to the furniture.

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Remember! A cozy cafe does not always have to use expensive sofas and furniture. And it is very thick with the industrial interior.

But the actual industrial concept also uses a lot of old furniture impression (the price is still quite expensive). So in this concept added the word ‘modern’ which means you do not need to add the old impression, but can use recycled items.

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