10+ Inspirations for Having Scandinavian Interior Ideas in Your Rooms

Have you ever heard about Scandinavian interior design? This design has actually been well-known recently for its clean yet elegant look, making your rooms seem effortlessly stunning. The elegance of Scandinavian design is obtained by its characteristics; minimal and functional. Although it may look simple and facile, there are some features to be followed to get this design set to your room.

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Having living ornaments? Why not! As nature takes a vital role to build up a Scandinavian look of a room, placing some fresh plants is greatly recommended. It even improves the charm in the design. In fact, this interior design works with wooden or earth-tone colors, therefore the inclusion of plants will definitely fit the space.

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Wooden and Metallic Stuffs

Thinking about kinds of furniture used in Scandinavian style? Those with wooden and metal finishes will fit the space perfectly as this interior design requires “back to nature” and “organics” vibes. Let the wooden furniture be painted like “raw” wood as it goes really well with light walls or floor. Otherwise, try to have the metal pieces such as hanging lamps painted blak or other dark colors.

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Neutral Colors

Most appliances and furniture in Scandinavian interior design have neutral, monochromatic and earth-tone colors like grey, white, brown, sky blue etc. Nowadays, some people modified the look by having some properties like sofas, pillows, or rugs with a hint of pastel or even vibrant colors to make it a bit more cheerful.

Tidy Interior

Again, the central point of Scandinavian interior design is to maintain simplicity and functionality. Consequently, make sure to put away the unnecessary stuffs from the tables or desk and keep them in cabinets or shelves. This way, the room will definitely look clean and relaxing.

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Light Floor, Walls and Ceiling

Besides lighting, the selection of the main colors used in Scandinavian-designed room is also influential. White, off-white, grey or light hues can be applied to the floor, walls, and ceilings. The wooden floor is surely a good choice, too!

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Functional Materials, Less Ornaments

The term “less is more” is the main focus of Scandinavian design. What makes it even more tempting is utilizing furniture such as organizers or bookcase as the decoration itself. Hence, instead of using decorative ornaments, modern and innovative kinds of furniture with clean lines and superb craftsmanship are preferable to perform an artsy yet functional room.

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Sufficient Supply of Light

Since the idea of Scandinavian design is to get a fresh and clean look, adequate lighting is essentially needed. Hanging lamps or pendants may be a good idea to create modern and bright ambience to your room. Another thing to point up is to let no decorations cover the windows to have as much as natural sun light come into the room. Thus, it is better to put bright and sheer curtains on them.

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Although the key of this interior design is simplicity and minimalism, it is still somehow challenging to bring it up to your room. Nevertheless, when it is applied, your room will unquestionably look more spacious, clean and tidy without much effort as it is already minimal yet enchanting.

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