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5 Camper remodel advices to make them feel like home


Everything is getting old. When they do, it won’t be interesting anymore. Even, it is your favorite one. Everybody has some old stuff. It is true that, sometimes; we feel that the old stuffs are boring and we don’t need them again. There’s willing inside the heart to throw them away and buy the new one although we know that the stuff is still in a good condition. Instead of buying the new one, actually, we can just remodel or renovate them into a very new look. We may feel satisfied on buying the new one. But it will be more satisfying if we are transforming the old stuff we have become the different one.

Camper van remodel

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Meanwhile, having a camper is such exciting. It makes you possible to move and stay in the same time. But, by moving to places with the same van and decors in long time, you may find the stuff broken or un-interesting to see. Before you think about buying the new stuff for your camper, it will be better for you to stop and going home then look for another stuff that may be suitable to replace the camper’s interior. Because, further as I know, purchasing will spend more money than to remodel or renovate.

In general, remodeling is the process of changing the structure or the arrangement of something. So, by remodeling, you can just change the position, the look, or even the shape of the object. It will be more interesting to do, because you can express your feeling and creativity while you do remodeling.

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So, in order to save the money, here are some advices you can apply to remodel your camper:

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Paint the old stuffs

You can start by painting the stuffs that you think they aren’t interesting to see. Find a very different color with old color. Seeing different color in the same place will manipulate your eyes, so that it will send a signal to your brain that the thing you’ve seen is a new or you never see that thing before.

Change your blanket and bed cover

Maybe it sounds silly but it is true. Sometimes, you just need to see another new color or new model. You don’t have to buy the new blanket or bed cover, just find the other one inside your house and replace the blanket inside your camper with it.

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Repair the broken stuff

If the stuffs are getting broke, all you need to do is repairing them. If you find the sink clogged, or the stove is broken, just fix it. It will much saving money than if you buy the new stove or sink.

Move the portable stuff

If there are portable stuffs inside your camper, you can re-arrange them by moving it. You can replace the table set with the shelves or the bed. Re-arranging the stuff means also try to create new atmosphere inside. It helps making the camper look like new.

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Check and Re-Check

Water and electrical installation is very important. So, you need to check them in order to make sure that they are working properly.

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Well, that’s all the simple things you can do in order to make your camper look like new. Thing to rememberis; there will be a memory in everything inside your camper. They deserve to stay in a good condition. So, it is yours to make them stay longer and beautiful. Besides, new-look camper will make your trip more interesting and enjoyable. As long as you can do remodeling, don’t ever try to throw your old stuff away.

Adrianna Johanson

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