4 Greenery House Plants You Need to Look After Effortlessly

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Glancing at the phenomenon of nowadays’ bustle, those who love to engage with plants tend to have the decision on the easy to look after yet durably live longer house plants. Are you having trouble choosing plants? Or are you the first-timer in gardening? Do you wish to have your indoor garden? Seeing those cases, it is easier for you to choose the easy to care greenery.

The greenery look of the house plants would definitely steal your gaze when your eyes are thirst of fresh environment. Inspiration might come through the appearance of the greenery you put inside your house.

However, you have to be cautious in selecting the greenery house plants for your indoor decoration. Some greenery is poisonous and some need extra humid area and extra care

To help you find the ones you need, here are some reference that might help you considering before purchasing some greenery:


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Aloe or Aloe Vera has one certain uniqueness that other house plants do not possess; it is the thorny leaves that make Aloe special. By placing the medium size one on your desk, you are able to feel the strength of the Aloe. Having the aloe on your desk or bedside table, would not bother much of your time sprinkling the water to let it endure. You can just water your aloe once every week, some are even stronger, and thus you can sprinkle the water once in two weeks. Remember, aloe loves the places which have indirect lighting. Hence, you should choose the best place indoor which meets the needs of your aloe.


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Another tough looking house plants you might love is the Sansievera. If aloe could bear 2 weeks without water, this plant could double it. Magically, this solid-leaf plant would still last, even if you are going on your holiday for one month long! The vertically tall and solid leaves will surely bring your mood up as you stare this stiff plant. In some regions, Sansievera has other name, which is the snake plant.


Some people chose pothos for his curiosity on how long the vine could grow. You can enjoy the beauty of pothos hanging inside your house to give the shady look to your house. The pothos would continue to exist indoor with rough watering and low light. Thus, whenever you put pothos around your terrace, remember to put them in not-too-bright sun light exposure.

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Derived from Greek, philo and dendron, this plant is the other easy to care house plant. For decades, philodendron has been the main indoor plants loved by many people in around the world. It is famous for its big leaves and its distinctive act when it needs water. The leaves will give you the signal through the leaves which turn into a bit white. The philodendron could thrive indoor and shady outdoor too. You should remember that philodendron only needs low light. You can water once in a week or wait until it shows the signal of water thirst. Those who are first-timers of gardening will also love the ease of taking care of philodendron.

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Now, it is your choice to select one, two, three or even the four of the greenery that you would put inside your house as your indoor deco. Those plants above are easy to care yet endure in a long time; some might say, easy to care, hard to kill plants.

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