10+ Modern Architecture Ideas That Will Blowing Your Mind

Who has never heard of the term modern architecture? The dazzling minimalist design has been pictured in our minds ever since hearing the term. But do not really know what the meaning of the development of modern architecture. This architectural style is based on new development technologies, especially the use of glass, steel and concrete.

History of modern architecture itself developed in pre-industrial times as a form of revolution from traditional architectural styles. Many associate modern architectural styles with architectural styles that flourished during the 1920s and 1950s. Frank Lloyd Wright managed to make a turning point in the development of modern architecture with the birth of a modern architectural work called “Fallingwater House”.

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Others say that the main influence of the development of modern architecture in the mid-20th century was the development of aviation and space travel missions at the time. This development provides inspiration in the form of aerodynamics and also more exploration of the use of iron materials in the world of architecture.

What are the Characteristics of Modern Architecture?

At this time, sometimes we find many buildings that look like a modern architectural style building. Though the design is an advanced design of modern architecture called Modern Architecture contemporary. To reduce your confusion about the design of this modern architecture, let us discuss the special features possessed by modern arbitrary design.

Simple and simple to get into the core design

After continuing the development of the more traditional architectural era, modern architecture has a far from simple and simple look when compared to traditional architectural styles with more decorative details. Coming with simplicity amidst the traditional style that developed at that time, certainly the aesthetics of modern architecture is more prominent and much in demand.

The adherents of the concept of modern architecture itself have the principle that simplicity is the greatest form of an art that can convey not only the story but also the personality of the building.

Line elements are symmetrical and clean

Almost all the iconic buildings of modern architectural style have very strong line elements. Whether it’s the horizontal line element on the floor plan, up to the vertical and diagonal lines on the composition of the building and the facade. Included on the facade of the house or building facade. Wavy lines, arches or asymmetric lines will be very rare in modern architectural style buildings.

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Less is More Principle

The term “Less is More” is a term popularized by modern architectural figures Ludwig Mies van der Rohe which refers to a minimalist approach to buildings. No excessive use of ornaments or other elements. Each element is formed based on function simultaneously aesthetically.

Honesty in material use

Some types of building materials that are often used in buildings of modern architectural style are iron, concrete, glass, and also wood. The existence of this material will be easily felt and seen in the building either in the interior or face of the building without being covered or manipulated through the use of the artificial material.

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An open plan with many glass elements

In contrast to the layout of traditional buildings in general, modern architectural style buildings generally have a floor plan that is much more open with the lack of the existence of room divider and also the many uses of glass as an opening so that the house of modern architectural style generally seem very open.

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Relationship with the surrounding environment

Modern architecture generally always has a relationship with the topography of the environment or a very tight footprint. The best example of this is the Fallingwater House that has a direct connection between the interior and the exterior is very smooth.

The inspiration for Modern House Style Creations

To give more insight into what the original modern architectural style developed in the 20th century, here are some iconic-style buildings that are often regarded as the mecca of the development of modern architectural styles in the world.


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