11 Compilation of Traditional Wall Designs That You Can Apply To Your House

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The wall we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy” – Jim Rohn

Every house must have a wall. It stands against the ground strongly to show the people that a house is built there. Wall aims to secure people inside the house, so it has to be strong. Commonly, the wall is made of red brick.

It is chosen because the material is really easy to find. Besides, red brick is known by its strength to be functioned as wall. But some other people also like to use wooden or stone.

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Generally, the people like to color the wall. The most favorite color that is used by the people is white. It is true that; white is a neutral, so that it will be easy matching it with another color. Now, some people like to express their feeling on the wall by painting it with their favorite color.

Modern people may love modern design. But, as the traditional designs are raised up today, people start to love on having traditional decoration. Modern design wall art combines the light color that shows cheers and happiness. Meanwhile, traditional designs prefer showing warm and elegant by its soft color.

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Raised and popular again, here are some traditional wall designs ideas to make your wall cooler:

  • Vintage wall design

Vintage means ancient. Ancient is something that exist in past. When a wall design has vintage decoration, it means it will be dominated with black-white color or pale yellow-white color.

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The colors make the nuances fell like it is early 90’. Instead of the color, the painting that hangs on the wall takes part on helping to create the vintage design.

  • Shabby chic wall design
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It was popular in 1980, and now shabby chic is raised. It is inspired by un-organized arrangement of stuff inside house. Besides, shabby chic is identical with pastel colors.

So, the key on having shabby chic wall decoration is putting the pastel colors together in wall abstractly. The combination of pastel color will make your wall so much prettier.

  • Eclectic wall design.

The concept of eclectic is to combine two different styles in a design. This style may be difficult to apply. But, by understanding to the room well, it is possible to create an awesome eclectic wall design.

The most important aspect in eclectic style is the color of the wall. If you have decided which color you will use; whether it is plain or pattern, the next step is choosing what kind of painting (picture) that you will hang on the wall. The combination between the color and the arrangement of the painting (picture) on the wall makes the room nice to be seen

  • Rustic Wall design

It is true that traditional is identical with nature and tradition. It is expected to create a relaxing natural nuance. Rustic, however, inspired from the nature, aims to bring them inside the house. It is quite easy if you want to pick this design as your wall decoration. You just need to decide the nature element which you like, and apply it on your wall as well.

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Not all the things that related to “traditional” are out of the date. It is proven by the raising of the traditional design that starts to be used by millennial people. Inspired by traditional decoration, they may feel that it makes the room looks so classy and elegant. So, this is the time for you to have a try applying it on your wall decoration.

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