10 Inspiration to re-decorate your balcony become more attracting

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When the morning comes means the busy day starts. Fathers go to work, Children go to school and Mothers go cleaning the house. It runs over and over until the afternoon. Coming home, people may feel their body so tired. Thinking that it will be nice taking bath with cold water.

After taking bath, it is the free time. People may use the free time to relax. Some activities such as watching television, reading a book, or just laying on the sofa could be the choice on having relaxation.

But, they may forget something. What’s that? It is about having relaxation accompanied with a cup of coffee or tea and some biscuits. It will be perfect if you do it in your balcony. But it will be more perfect if your husband/wife is sitting next to you (:

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Why it has to be the balcony? Because the balcony is placed outside the house or apartment so that you can feel the wind directly, it will be different if you are inside the house that you have to turn on the Air Conditioner.

Other reason is, from balcony you just can see the view of the street or everything under your balcony. Sometimes, it is also the perfect place to see the sky. When night comes, the stars will look amazing from your balcony

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Well, in general, balcony is a free space on your second floor of your house or apartment that usually placed in front side. Balcony aims to be the place that is used by the people to spend their leisure time. People sometimes forgets about this part so that it is not well mantained.

Some people just let their balcony empty without taking anything. Even, some other just cleans the balcony rarely. So this is the time for you to pay attention to it because it is really a good place to sit or to have a conversation with someone.

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Re-decorating balcony is not quite difficult. You just need little work to magically change it into a very comfortable place to spend time. Here are some suggestions for you to do when you want to decorate your balcony:

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  1. Set the roof. If there is no roof on your balcony, it will be better for you to set it on. The roof may be useful on protecting us from the sun and rain.
  2. Re-paint the wall. It is okay to change the color of the wall. Choosing the bright color may create a very cheerful atmosphere around the balcony.
  3. Setting small table and chair is really good. You can also choose small sofa if you feel it more comfortable to sit. You can just sit to relax or you can use them as your new favorite working place
  4. Instead of setting table and chair, you can set the carpet. Setting the carpet, however, makes the space of balcony feels larger. It will be the nice place to gather with your little family or friends while having snacks.
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5. Small plants will make your balcony prettier. Every time you decide to go to your balcony, you will see the colorful flower and smell the good scent of it. Such condition may become the mood booster for most people. But due to the falling leave or something, you have to check and clean the balcony daily.

Following tips above, you are supposed to have a nice balcony. When you live in an apartment, it is quite important to have a clean and interesting balcony because it is possible to your neighbor to see it from next door. Don’t put off your work until tomorrow. Decorate it and say hello to your new favorite place!

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