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Wedding Decor Ideas You Should Follow for 2018!

From luxe reception décor to enchanting ceremony backdrops and lighting tricks, every single wedding décor is greeted with a new change with the change of the year. As the year 2018 has already began, the wedding decorations that needs to be followed in 2018 are already here. And, trust us what we witnessed in past few months is nothing short of magical. So, whatever theme of wedding you’re having- no matter what your wedding planning ideas are- you can also infuse these top wedding decoration ideas 2018 in your wedding to wow your guests and bring your dream of having a whimsical wedding to a real ground.

Living bars

Living Bar Idea For Wedding Decoration

According to the latest celebrities’ weddings, living bars are the hottest cake of 2018. For this wedding decoration idea, one has to use freshly cut foliage and laser cut painted wood veneer. With the right arrangement, it would create a snap-worthy arrangement for your guests.

Aisles as garden beds

Aisles As Garden Beds Wedding Decoration Ideas

Aisles As Garden Bed Wedding Decorations Ideas

The use of potted plants in ceremony décor is going to make huge in 2018. Pots wrapped in silk fabric would be used to decorate the wedding aisle and since, it would be wrapped in silk, it would create a harmonious effect that will blend perfectly with natural environment.

Replace metallics

Splash Of Green Over Place Cards

Green Hint In Decoration We all know that metallics made a huge comeback in 2017 but, the trend of using metallics is fading away and it is giving way to natural allure like green accents on napkins, place cards and more. this trend will add softness and warmth in your wedding venue. Though, the trend of metallics has not completely vanished.

Playful details

Wedding Boutonnieres Ideas

Weddings Boutonnieres Ideas

The wedding décor 2018 is going to use lots of playful details just like mismatched boutonnieres. Just pick blooms that can match with rest of your floral décor so that it gives an overall well-managed look to your wedding venue.

Local culture in destination weddings

Destination Weddings Photographs

Destination Wedding Photo

Maybe it is not one of the hottest wedding decoration ideas but, it is surely going to be a big thing in 2018 as all the destination weddings this year would infuse lots and lots of local culture. Places with unique culture and unique customs would be preferred more this year for destination weddings and in turn, it would impact the décor also.

Laser cut fabric detailing

Laser Cut Fabric Wedding Decor

Laser Cut Fabric Detailing

Laser Cut Fabric Table Cards

Laser cut wedding invites is indeed the most beautiful card that can fit in any wedding theme and style but, the trend of laser-cut detailing has paved its way in another area of the wedding also. Hence, the laser cut fabric in bright hues would look great as a table runner and other wedding decors.

Hanging flowers

Hanging Flowers

Hanging Flower For Reception Table

Flowers can make any wedding beautiful but, using them only for tables is so outdated. The wedding decoration ideas 2018 suggest to suspend lush floral arrangements few feet about the reception tables to create a beautiful space for your wedding guests.

White weddings with pop of colour

Touch Of White In Wedding Decor

White Color In Flower Girl

Nothing is more elegant than the soft hue of white and to use it in your wedding. You are sure to have the most elegant and whimsical wedding for yourself. By adding a sudden pop of bright colours at certain places, you are sure to impress all your wedding guests.

Jazz up the lights

Wedding Light Decor

An abundance of candles is always a big thing for any wedding décor as it creates a sophisticated aura but, how about adding table lamps with it on your reception tables. To hide cords, you can use flowers and greenery to do the task for you.

Coloured glassware

Colored Glassware On Reception Table

Colored Glassware

We have already suggested you to have an all-white wedding for an elegant look and to add a sudden pop of colour. You can rent some coloured glassware for your reception table as it is the hottest wedding décor idea for 2018.

Geometric decors

Geometric Decors Wedding Table Ideas

Wedding Table Decor

Yes, it is going to stay in 2018 as well. The geometric wedding decorations ideas are an awesome way to add a contemporary touch to your wedding and hence. To add this touch you should use them to make your wedding look great.


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