18 Multi Purpose DIY Platform Beds That Anyone Can Build For The Bedroom

Platform Beds


There are many concept of DIY platform beds that anyone can build. It depends on the needs and the style. Furthermore, it needs proper arrangement. Therefore, it is better to provide the sketch first before start to build it.

It is common to have many stuffs in the bedroom. Therefore, developing beds with drawer can be an option. It can help to make all the stuffs keep but with optimum use of the room. It just need to make sure that it fit in the room and easy to perform.

If plan to make a DIY platform beds, below pictures might be a reference. It is all easy to perform and take less efforts too. For further inspiration, sneak out below the DIY platform beds that anyone can build.

Simple Choice

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Try the simple one such as in the above pictures. Make sure to properly arrange it inside the bedroom. Not only simple, it bring a classic type of furniture. Therefore, this design is quite minimalist to apply.

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Above is another sample. It looks elegance and classic too. Furthermore, the material looks taft and strong. Therefore, it is quite comfort to use.

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Above are some other samples of simple one. Put on unique cushion on top above it for final beautiful result. This DIY furniture will look awesome in the bedroom.

Equipped With Drawer

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Try the above design of platform beds that equipped with drawer. This will bring the bed for multi purpose in the bedroom.

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Another sample above can be applied in to the bedroom. It looks classy and neat. Furthermore, it will help to optimize the space and the furniture function.

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Those all the DIY platform beds that anyone can build. Always perform a perfect measure to get the platform beds fit in to the room. More over, choose the perfect paint color too. Therefore, it will bring a matching and useful furniture inside the bedroom.

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