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5 Smart Tricks for Small Apartment

Small apartment will give your own personal place. Designing small apartment can be tricky and you should smart enough to buy some furniture or design it. But these smart tricks can make your apartment more comfortable and personal.

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You can invite your friends to your small apartment without sharing your personal part. As long you follow these ideas.

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Separating Bedroom

Applying curtain around the bed helps you to make personal sleeping place. When your friends come to hanging out in your apartment, you can slide the curtain to close it. So they don’t see your bed.

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You can apply thick curtain or transparent curtain. Make sure if you apply thick curtain, it didn’t give heavy look in your apartment. Nevertheless, transparent curtain give you space but the guests still can see your bed.

Mezzanine costs bigger than other but believe me it really gives you more space. Moreover, if your apartment ceiling is high enough to build mezzanine.

You can place your bed in mezzanine. Make sure the mezzanine is strong enough.

If you still want to have mezzanine but with lower budget, you can buy bunk bed. Make the top is your bed and lower as your entertainment place.

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There are some ways to makeshift between your bed and other room. You can use plywood and put it between TV and bed.

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Or you can use pull-down screen. Not only separate the bed from other room, but also gives the surface to seeing the movie in apartment.

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Another way is use your own TV to separate your bed. But be careful with cables. Tidy up them so it don’t cause accident.

In other way, you can put the sofa against the bed to make nice separation. But this trick can make the guests still see your bed. Make sure your bed is tidy enough to show off.

Kitchen Separation

The curtain also works for kitchen too. Better choose one of them, you want to apply it around the bed or around the kitchen.

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Then an old window can make great separation. The kitchen can separate nicely and it also add the value of your apartment.

Multi Functional Furniture

Designing small apartment is challenging. You should pick right and multi functional furniture. It because the size. But it isn’t an obstacle. Now, there are a lot of multi functional and nice furniture which you can pick.

Starting from coffee table. You should buy a coffee table with room inside it. You will use it as storage. You can put some books, magazine, or paper inside.

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Not only coffee table, you can buy bed with storage beneath it. Your clothes, blankets, bed linens can place nicely here. So you don’t need drawer anymore.

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If you still want to keep the drawer, you can but a couch that can swivels into a bed. You can make it as couch on the afternoon and as bed on the night.

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The blanket can be an accessories in your couch. Make sure your blanket have same tone with your couch’s color.

Storage ottoman or storage couches can be an option for you apartment furniture. You can sit on them and put some things inside it.

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If you don’t have space or even money to buy couch or sofa, you can use giant pillow as sofa. In this step, you can make some bohemian style. Colorful smaller pillow will completed giant pillow.

Work Space

Maybe you can’t install work desk but you still can have work space. If you have basic carpentry skill, build fold table which can back up onto a wall.

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Instead of building fold table, use bookshelf as your work desk. So you just add storage ottoman as your chair.

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Sliding Doors

Doors can also take place in your small apartment. Therefore, choosing sliding door is a good choice as a replacement of your bathroom door. Not just for saving the place, but this door really makes your apartment more stylish and casual.

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