15 Ideas of Minimalist and Simple One-Room Apartment

One Room Apartment

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For a newlywed or a single person who is in a working age, it is actually important to have your own place. Mostly people will choose the one-room apartment. Even though the space it has is limited, but with a little trick, anyone can make the apartment looks as fabulous as possible.

In this era of 2018, the modern minimalist theme will still be one of the best theme people can decorate. Eventually, this theme is so simple, anyone can do it with monochrome color like white, black, or grey. Moreover, since the space is limited in one-room apartment, this theme is so perfect as it can make the room looks wider and comfortable.

One problem that people often faced when it comes to decorating the minimalist one-room apartment is how they arrange the furniture. Below, with these 15 pictures, you will see how easy it is to decorate the apartment. Let’s check them out.

Monochrome Color

Of course for a minimalist theme, the monochrome color is still on the popular view. But remember that monochrome color doesn’t always mean monotonous.

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For example, you can use a plain bed cover with no pattern. Therefore, for the apartment’s pillow or the carpet, you can try the patterned cover, like the picture above.

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The best pattern for a minimalist theme is absolutely the line pattern or the dot pattern. Make sure that you mix and match the color nicely for your own comfortable place.

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The Less is The More

Since you have such a limited space, remember that less furniture always means more space. Just put the furniture that you really need, like the bed, sofa, and small dining table.

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To save the space on your one-room apartment, you can also build the clothes hanger, so that you don’t need that big closet in your room.

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Maximizing The Lighting

In this case, it is perfect to choose the white paint for your apartment. Because on the day, you can always open the window widely, and let the sunlight pass through your room.

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The white wall will definitely reflect the light perfectly. So that you won’t need to waste electricity for the lamp on the daylight.

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Already got enough inspiration for your own one-room apartment? Then let’s decorate it so that you can quickly live in a comfortable and lively room.

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