16 Fabulous Inspiration of French Chateaux Style House

French Chateaux Style

Bel Air Palace Chateau DOr 16 ResultBel Air Palace Chateau DOr 16 Result

If you are still unfamiliar with the French chateaux style, don’t worry. Because in this article, you will find some elegant and luxury inspirations of how you can decorate your french chateaux house.

The term Chateaux itself is actually referring to the architectural style that follows the French Rennaissance architecture. Usually the monumental French house (that is called as chateaux) built at the Loire Valley on the 5th-7th century. Therefore, not only that you will feel the elegant vibe with this style, but also the luxury vintage atmosphere when you design your house with this style.

Below are some inspirations of how the French chateaux style house is look like. We will guide you from the front view of the house until the interior design on the inside. Let’s check these picture out.

Front View of The House

Firstly, let’s take a look at how the front view of a french chateaux style home looks like. Below are some of the examples that definitely picture the idea.

French Chateaux 1 Result
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Usually, the house will have such a huge front yard. And on the center of the yard, there will be something to plant or build. For example, you can add the small garden on the center of the front yard. In the other hand, the water fountain is also such a great idea to apply.

French Chateaux 10 Result
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The Main Room Interior

There is actually one thing that can be a sign of this style, which is the swirling iron that can be part of the stairs that connect the first and the second floor. Also, a chandelier on the roof will complete the elegant look.

Simple Interior for Modern Minimalist Apartment
French Chateaux 2 Result
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French Chateaux 9 Result
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The Bathroom View

Bathroom is absolutely one of the most important part of the house. In fact, you can also decorate the bathroom as elegant as possible by putting a bathtub and some lux furniture.

French Chateaux 3 Result
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Some people also like to put the beautiful craved glass on the bathroom, you might as well make this a great example for yours.

French Chateaux 5 Result
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French Chateaux 6 Result
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French Chateaux 7 Result
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French Chateaux 17 Result
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The Dining Room View

Lastly but not least, the dining room view is also important when decorating the interior. One great way to decorate it is by putting the large painting on the wall.

French Chateaux 16 Result
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French Chateaux 15 Result
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French Chateaux 14 Result
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French Chateaux 13 Result
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French Chateaux 12 Result
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French Chateaux 8 Result
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French Chateaux 4 Result
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So, already got some insight to decorate your home elegantly? We hope that these ideas can help you decide what kind of furniture and decoration you will need while you build or renovate the house.

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