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10 Christmas Decoration Storage

Christmas Decoration Storage 10Source: Pinterest

Christmas celebrations have passed and now we have begun to go back to work as usual. Remains of Christmas celebrations are still felt starting from Christmas trees, decorative lights, and Christmas trinkets.

Now it’s time to keep all the things above neatly in the house. If possible the Christmas decoration can be used again when Christmas comes next year.

This time we will share some ways that can be done to save various christmas equipment available.

Here’s more explanation for you.

Christmas Decoration Storage 1
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The above way can be done to save the Christmas balls when not in use. The first step, put the Christmas ball into a small container. Then, place it into a large place to store all the existing Christmas balls.

Christmas Decoration Storage 2
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Store decorative lights when not in use!

Roll the decorative lamps on a small cardboard to avoid tangling. Next place the cable roll in the box. Next store in the storage cabinet.

Christmas Decoration Storage 3
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Separate the Christmas decoration by their own kind!

The way like the above can be easier when you will look for it in the future.

Christmas Decoration Storage 4
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Use an unused cup to store existing christmas gear.

Next put the christmas gear into safe storage box.

Christmas Decoration Storage
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If the christmas decorations to be stored have a large size, use the above way!

You can put the christmas decorations in the storage room or in a special room.

Christmas Decoration Storage
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The above can be done to save the existing Christmas tree!

Use plastic to use as a coating that covers the Christmas tree. In this way, the Christmas tree can avoid dust and dirt when it is stored. If possible, this Christmas tree can still be used in christmas celebrations next year.

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Christmas Decoration Storage 7
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Alternative way to save christmas tree!

Put the Christmas tree into a large tube, then cover the top and bottom so that dust and dirt is not easy to enter.

Christmas Decoration Storage 8
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Christmas Decoration Storage 9
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Unique and you can try!

You can put the Christmas balls in the egg storage. Or you can put it in a large container and separate each type of Christmas ball using a partition.

Christmas Decoration Storage 10
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If you have a small christmas tree, use this concept!

Tie the Christmas tree using a belt that is owned.

Save your Christmas decorations in a safe place!

Good luck!

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